Cloud is for Efficiency and Safety NOT to Develop Fears


Cloud is for efficiency to handle the intended works at lesser cost flexibly and to offer safety to data. Fear develops from ignorance. Slow cloud adoption is not a fault of the security department or team, but it is the experts are warning that companies who overestimate the problem, without underestimating the benefits of the cloud computing from each model, are increasing their Total Cost of … [Read more...]

Hosting for WordPress : Myth Buster for WordPress Optimized Hosting

Hosting for WordPress

Hosting for WordPress or more aggressively advertised and marketed as WordPress Optimized Hosting technically does not exist, it is Hosting for PHP-Driven website, nothing more or less. As most do not understand the basics of server side things, terminologies associated with Networking, the clever marketers, affiliates make a huge money by reselling some web host's (who owns the physical … [Read more...]

Hardening Rackspace Cloud Server for WordPress : Part 3

Hardening Rackspace Cloud Server for WordPress

We are ending our ongoing discussion on the topic Hardening Rackspace Cloud Server for WordPress, to make it improbable to get hacked ever. Unless you have been targeted, it is actually quite rare to get the Server hacked (not WordPress), if the basic points of security are maintained. Without reading the previous articles, probably it will be difficult to understand what we have talked about so … [Read more...]

IBM Mainframe Computer Reaches 50 Years


On April 7, 1964 officially IBM announced the launch of System/360, which is natural considered to be the founder of modern mainframes, supercomputers for the execution of large amounts of data. The launch of System/360, the idea underlying the IBM mainframe modern, redesigned the industry and the market for computing - right 50 years ago. We talked about the Mainframe Computers and the evolution … [Read more...]

Recommended SSL Certificate Authorities for Rackspace Cloud Servers

Recommended SSL Certificate Authorities for Rackspace Cloud Servers

As from the latest news about Google Algorithm, it appears to us that HTTPS urls will be important for SEO. Here is our thought and Insight about choosing SSL Certificate. The question was asked by a person via Twitter (it was a personal question). Our thought will not vary much with Rackspace's official recommendations. We do not have any affiliation with any of the Recommended SSL Certificate … [Read more...]

Rackspace OpenStack Nova Boot Image : Easy Guide

Rackspace OpenStack Nova Boot Image

Many Fumble with Getting Started With Rackspace OpenStack Nova Boot Image Part. You can bootstrap anything with this basic guide. Basic user means, you at least know how to create an instance of Cloud Server, do SSH, run basic UNIX commands. If you even do not know them, first search our website for guides on Installing WordPress or LAMP Stack on Rackspace Cloud Server. There are video guides as … [Read more...]

Greeting Box for Mac Limited Giveaway


Greeting Box for Mac helps to create greeting cards easily for any occasions which you can also print directly. Here are 2 Free Copies for our regular readers for limited time (this offer ends on April 21, 2014.) and the first two readers who will fulfill the criterion, the developer will gift you full version of Greeting Box for Mac behalf of us. We will clearly announce the Giveaway as CLOSED … [Read more...]

Grey Card for Right White Balance


The right usage of Grey Card is not known in details specially who are new to DSLR Photography or uses Point and Shoot or Mobile Camera. Previously we talked about the Zone System in Photography - where we have seen a theoretical construction of 11 (zone 0 to zone 10) Zones by densitometry accurately in calibrated gray values; from full black to full white. White balance is an important aspect for … [Read more...]

A Quick Look at HP Cloud Computing Solutions

HP Cloud Computing SDN

HP Cloud Computing can be realized counting the advantage of being a hardware manufacturer. HP is serious about Software Defined Network. Amazon and Google, irrespective of their current market shares; practically lost the game many years ago in front of the flexible model brought by Rackspace. Rock Solid performance on cutting age hardware with excellent support is the major formula of Rackspace … [Read more...]

What is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?


What is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) You Often Read or Hear About? Why People Talks About BYOD Policies and Legal Issues? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the name for integrating private mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones in the networks of companies or schools, universities and other (educational) institutions. Usually, the special application to work or study is supplied by … [Read more...]