How to install Microsoft Tinker game in Windows 7

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Loved to play Tinker in Windows Vista Ultimate? Now Missing it?

Ok,Microsoft heard us! Here is Tinker for Windows 7 !

Follow This Steps:

Step 1:

Games for Windows – LIVE lets you connect to millions of other gamers just like yourself. But, to get started, you first have to create your FREE Games for Windows – LIVE account.

If you do not already have a Windows Live ID e-mail account, please visit to create your FREE e-mail account.

Step 3:

You can go to Microsoft’s Official Site for step by step details-Click Here.

Step 2:

Be sure that you are using the latest version of Direct X.Get information from Here.

Step 3:

Microsoft has an excellent guide how to install “Gamertag” and to proceed. Click here to read.

You will get a webpage like this:

Click on Download now! (Here or on that opened page,no matter!)

You will get this page….(this game is free by the way):

Do as per the instruction.Install the Gamertag,Download Tinker…Launch it…

You will get this folder added in your start menu. Tinker will be added in Games:



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