WordPress hosting options : What must to look for

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WordPress hosting options are wide and varied. It becomes difficult to choose the best budget hosting company’s server to host your WordPress blog.

Previously we wrote another article on WordPress hosting : Finding the right web host for WordPress. Please read that article to understand the hardware and software requirements for WordPress hosting.

In this article on WordPress hosting options, we will provide more information to seek the right host for you.


WordPress hosting options : Location of the Server


As we wrote ago, location of the server might have an effect on SEO; so keep this point on your mind before choosing the right WordPress hosting for your blog.

In general, U.S. companies tend to offer more services, security and space plus almost all Specific WordPress Hosting services are located in U.S.


WordPress hosting options : What WordPress recommend


WordPress officially recommends to have PHP 5.2.4 or higher, MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache or nginx for anyWordPress hosting options WordPress Hosting Service to run WordPress smoothly.

Officially, the recommended WordPress Hosting Companies are : Bluehost, DreamHost, MediaTemple and Laughing Squid.


WordPress hosting options : Cheaper options


There are hundreds of  WordPress hosting options at a cheaper rates, some are as good as big brands. Please understand the fact, while selecting WordPress hosting, you will face many affiliates who will say their recommendation is the best.

We would recommend to use Forums to get the latest news and feedbacks while selecting a WordPress hosting, as it might happen that today we will say this WordPress hosting is the best, you are reading it after 2 years and their service became worse within these 2 years.

Image Courtesy : Jfreyre,  Wikipedia ; Under licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.


WordPress hosting options : CDN


The importance of CDN is much for speeding up your WordPress blog. If you want to use a CDN, please consult a page speed specialist before the setup. Without the right combination of  WordPress hosting main Server and CDN, you will not get the full benefit of the CDN.




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