Google Cloud Storage – How to Start Using

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Google Cloud Storage is one of the eminent Cloud Storage provider who has the enterprise level service. However, Google Cloud Storage is not that popular among the general users like other Cloud Storage Services, like Dropbox.
Google Cloud Storage is mostly used by the Enterprises and Developers and it is on robust the framework of Google.


How to start using Google Cloud Storage?


Google Cloud Storage is basically for the developers, it has cap on free usage (till December this year) and there is paid options for more usage of Google Cloud Storage.

If you are already within Google Developers’ Circle, for example you are accepted as a Google Plus Developer, you are quite used with the API console. Those are not among the same, they can use Google Cloud Storage as well. However, you can not enjoy some extra benefits of integration of other apps and services with Google Cloud Storage.

Anyway, in order to use Google Cloud Storage, you need an Google Account; you can access the Google API console from this link.

Within the console, you will notice the list of Services :


Google Cloud Storage - Offerings and Features


As you can see, in our case Google Cloud Storage is on. When you will get Google Cloud Storage activated, you will get direct link from the left hand side panel :


Google Cloud Storage


Using the Google Cloud Storage space


If you click the above link, you will get a new window, where Google Storage IDs, REST API, command line tool, and Google Storage Manager to create, share, and manage your data. Google Storage Manager is very easy to use. Not all browsers fully support it. Which can accessed from : NUMBER


Just a note, you need Google Checkout to be enabled in order to be able to use it.

Once you are within the sandbox, you can create buckets for your Google Cloud Storage to sort data.There is small extension for Chrome named cloud save, this will help you to directly save data to Google Cloud Storage from right click :



Cloud Save



You can save to your Google Cloud Storage just from the right click.


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