Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer For Windows 7

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Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer can be on your Windows 7 PC in just few clicks. Its official name is Better Explorer. It has tabbed explorer feature as well.

Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer is developed by firebrick.

License : Not Mentioned


Details of Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer for Windows 7:

This is a replacement of standard Windows 7 Explorer with more features like Windows 8 Explorer. It has the tab functionality together with standard explorer browser control.
File operation with files and folders like copy, paste are also included.

After you have downloaded it, just run the exe file to install. You will get Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer, Better Explorer from the Start Menu :

Windows 8 Like Ribbon Style Explorer For Windows 7

Preview Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer Better Explorer


Windows 8 ribbon in windows 7

Download Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer

It is about 16 MB in size.


Download-Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer



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