Windows 7 Theme Radiance : Another Amazing Visual Style

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Windows 7 Theme Radiance is a refreshing Visual Style. One of the amazing Windows 7 Theme we have posted still date.

Windows 7 Theme Radiance is created by minhtrimatrix.

License : Some rights reserved. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


Details about Windows 7 Theme Radiance download:


  1. Install Universal Theme Patcher, re-patch again if you updated to SP1.
  2. Copy everything in themes folder into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
  3. Restart Windows & then select this theme in Personalize Menu
  4. Use “Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer” to change BMPs for explorerframe.dll
  5. Use “Windows 7 Start Button Changer” to change Start orb


Preview Windows 7 Theme Radiance


Windows 7 Theme Radiance

Download Windows 7 Theme Radiance

It is a RAR download, the file is very light, only 7.0 MB in size.


Download-Windows 7 Theme Radiance



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