Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS : Step by Step Guide

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Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS by following this easy Step by Step Guide to get your self hosted Free blog with 2 GB allocated RAM. Yes, all is free. We are taking that you are still using Windows PC and follow this guide to get started for the initial step to Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS. However, we will not use command line at all.


Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS : Preface


Nothing to say new on this to Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS. You know AppFog for free of cost is quite good option, WordPress is the best CMS cum blog cum app. At least community effort has made WordPress a versatile solution.


Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS : Step by Step Guide


Login to AppFog account and create an app :


Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS


On the next page, click WordPress and choose your infrastructure, we have used Rackspace for this guide to Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS :


Install WordPress on AppFog



Give a subdomain name and click create app button on that webpage. Give time to provision the system to build and this webpage will load :



AppFog WordPress



Drag the instances, memory quota to the maximum to suck as far you can for free. Update it by clicking the update button. Then click the Visit Live Site button and straight forwardly you will land to the WordPress last step of installation page; i.e. the page that appears after filling the database details page. You can visit this url to check that a WordPress is running :



Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS : Conclusion


You probably got very much fun to Install WordPress on AppFog. Simply because its like signing up for Facebook. But honestly I got no fun. This a kind of packaged solution which third class webhost Hostgator promoted – one click WordPress installation. This is basically makes a new to be serious WordPress user to learn nothing. The technology is different, the process is right unlike those script based installation but it actually do not make the new user to understand a big fact – WordPress apparently easy to install, but the basic Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL is not that easy, this LAMP drives WordPress and when a problem arises, the user can not troubleshoot it. It is quite obvious that the anger ultimately fired on forum – “Where is your support ? you use to tell that WordPress provides big support.” It is not possible to make the user understand, there is a problem with an extra space in wp-config.php file, WordPress has nothing to do with it, it is not any bug, open the file and deleting might solve the issue.


Hope you have enjoyed few clicks to Install WordPress on AppFog Cloud PaaS.




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