Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts Plus Rel Tags for Genesis

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Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts is quite easy to show. For Genesis it is more easy, here is tips for both Genesis and others plus Rel Tags for Genesis. Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts is a default WordPress function. Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts, especially for Genesis, is very important as this is the only xfn data (rel=updated) that is absent by default in Genesis and Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool find this error.

Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts : Introduction and Function Reference, Related References

WordPress actually has many functions those are not known by many users. Rich Snippets and Organization of Schemas is the key to rapid indexing and higher SERP, to some extent for now and will be of more importance within a year. Here is the Function Reference on WordPress Codex for Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts :




We have made two separate categories – those who use Genesis Framework and those who do not use Genesis in Sub Headers. Do not apply both at the same time. Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts for Non Genesis Framework users quite obviously will work for Genesis users as well, but the reverse obviously is not true.


Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts : For Non Genesis Framework Users


The default usage is to insert this kind of PHP call within WordPress post loop :



You can use any related plugin those are already available in WordPress Plugin to implement the basic function. Or you can add this kind of PHP snippet (snippet reference – to show Custom Last Modified Date by editing your theme’s single.php or page.php or both (depends on the theme) :



You can, for example use any WordPress Plugin which will insert the snippet as PHP, usually people will like to show it at the end of the post or in byline.  You can use more PHP functions to call the post title and make it looking attractive so that, in summary the end result will be like :


This article on Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts Plus Rel Tags for Genesis was last modified on 10.23.2012.


The blue texts, for example are pulled by PHP functions.


Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts with Rel Tags for Genesis


Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts Plus Rel Tags for Genesis


Brian Gardner’s nice Genesis Simple Hooks plugin can insert anything. There is wide documentation available  in official site, forum and in third party blogs. Basically you have to execute the PHP function at genesis_after_post_content Hook. For example, gave an example snippet to add such Last Modified Date :



These, however has no rich snippets. It is a simple HTML output. To force the rel tag, you have to add a function or modify a function in the child theme and add the rel and span class accordingly. It is exactly like editing the byline. You can check Brian Gardner’s blog or Genesis forum for modifying an existing function in child theme’s function.php file. As We do not have all Genesis Child themes (we have only two paid, both are older and the free ones for sure) plus your choice of location of output might vary,  it depends whether your child theme whether you need to remove and add the  genesis_after_post_content Hook or modify the byline. Semantically, editing the byline probably will be logical. In case you want to use’s itemprop, Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts should be referred as dateModified. (Ref : This is all about your Last Modified Date WordPress for Posts Plus Rel Tags for Genesis.



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