Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C : Rooting and Unlocking

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Reliance 3G Tab is more restricted when it is not Rooted and Unlocked both from unused Hardware resources point and bloated softwares. This is intended for starters. We have not discovered any new method for Rooting and Unlocking Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C. This article cum guide is only to bridge the basic users of Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C so that they can use the Free software provided by the developer to root themselves.


Rooting and Unlocking of Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C : The Needed Basics


We have not discovered any new way for Rooting and Unlocking (just to repeat) Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C, you can get the original  developer’s blog and follow it :


Please read the article on Basics to Flash ROM of Mobile, PMP, Tablets to understand the theoretical background. You can read the article on Reliance 3G Tab Full Review as well.


Rooting and Unlocking Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C : Steps


Steps are rightly very nicely written here :



Please Return back later for all in one one click download link on our Akamai CDN. That will not require any password or waiting and will be fast. Sarthi Longani’s link is not working (giving odd kind of restrictions). There will three files wherever from you download :


Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C Rooting and Unlocking


You will be in full fledge trouble if we find that you are taking money for Rooting and Unlocking Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C using these files. These are fully free, licensed as GNU GPL softwares. If you have got ripped, you can contact us with proper proof. has described in excellent elaborated way, there is no meaning to rewrite Rooting and Unlocking Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C again by us.
The specific USB data cable with proprietary Micro USB end is within your Reliance 3G Tab package. Install the softwares, restart your computer, attach the Reliance 3G Tab with USB cable, Touch click that Reload icon to get rid of Mass Storage device option (on Reliance 3G Tab screen) and Home Screen will appear. Now touch click the menu icon (three horizontally stacked lines) to get a menu on Reliance 3G Tab screen, click Settings > Wireless and Networks > Tethering and portable hotspot > Click to tick mark USB tethering. After that, follow the steps described on the guide. This is all about Rooting and Unlocking Reliance 3G Tab ZTE V9C.



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