Basic Guide to Use Rackspace Cloud Server

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Basic Guide to Use Rackspace Cloud Server explains & guides how to get started with unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server and use it effectively for cost reduction. Basic Guide to Use Rackspace Cloud Server is not a step by step guide itself but a guide that will help you to choose or not to choose Rackspace Cloud Server and how to manage the technical part without being knowledgeable about IT.


Basic Guide to Use Rackspace Cloud Server : Basics of the Basics


For the sake of this guide on Basic Guide to Use Rackspace Cloud Server, forget the word Cloud. For gaining knowledge, you can read the previously published guide on Cloud Computing Service Model. Basically you are getting the IaaS model. That is one level above the usually web hosting – you will not get any web control panel like cPanel. You may or may not install yourself for web hosting Purpose.


Basic Guide to Use Rackspace Cloud Server : The Prototype Guides


Basic Guide to Use Rackspace Cloud Server
First, the phrase or technical terminologies we will use, if you do not understand them, you can do a search on this website. It is unlikely that we have not published any guide or article on it. Second is – if you are using unmanaged service, you will, for example will be charged $20 per month (for example) but you have to do the steps yourself in the way we described in step by step guides. If you want the same configuration, for a managed level, you have to pay $100 per month fixed rate for the managed level plus $40 for the server – so for the managed level it is becoming $140 per month. But, you the full software works, you have nothing to do. It is an excellent service and risk free.

Again coming back to unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server, two prototype step by step guides are :




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