Cisco Cloud Services : Solutions and Deployment

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Cisco Cloud Services has taken the way of its family of telecommunication services, large companies and retailers to help them deliver solutions as a service. Cisco telecommunication products, most notably IP phones are frequently sighted in movies and TV series to add a corporate branding value. Cisco builds a bridge through their partners for the delivery of their services related to cloud computing, there are services including TelePresence, Customer Collaboration, unified communications, Enterprise Private Cloud, Data Center and Virtualization. There is actually no other way for Cisco Cloud Services to use unless the user is among customers and partners that have a direct ordering relationship with Cisco, has access the full list of commerce tools.


Cisco Cloud : Solutions and Deployment


The strategy of exploitation of the network of contacts and customers of Cisco partners for the delivery of its products has been undertaken to overcome the geographic and political constraints that make it difficult to plan a single global cloud solution that will work everywhere. In addition to geographic diversity it is then to consider the different spectrum of areas in which cloud services to Cisco would be used, ranging from military, health care to financial services markets, each has its own special requirements very stringent. In the face of this world of diversity a product such as cloud computing difficulties of integration.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) were made new developments which have enabled the partners to ensure the customer experience of working with a more comprehensive unified model based on the cloud. Then there is the new private cloud solution, Cisco WebEx or Server. These tools are marketed with the wish that these integrate tools will encourage interaction and the development of virtual meetings between staff in a private cloud, with the ability to schedule conferences on the web.


Cisco Cloud and Deployment


Cisco Cloud Services

If you are looking for integrated cloud solution, possibly Cisco Cloud is suitable for your enterprise grade usage. Otherwise, in this open software market, right now Cisco Cloud basically has little to offer for the mass users.

As everything is vendor locked and delivered through Private Cloud Computing partners like Microsoft, for long term usage when there will be need for a shift, it might create a big issue. In other words, Cisco Cloud is more vendor locked than Amazon. RackConnect from Rackspace realize the power of Hybrid Hosting for Cisco Cloud too. But, primarily it is better for small to medium sized business to avoid Cisco Cloud at least for now. There is no API (Application Programming Interface) from Cisco and on every point, Cisco Cloud is actually lags behind Rackspace Private Cloud.




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