Which DSLR Camera to Buy ?

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Which DSLR Camera to Buy ? It is fact that we are always on budget when it is a mid to high end device and the salesman as if shows its quite affordable to buy, the Amazon affiliate websites, blogs writes in a way as if all of them buying a DSLR Lens everyday. The question, Which DSLR Camera to Buy is for the fact that, you are in budget, serious about photography but can not find which DSLR camera to buy, which actually will solve your all issues.


Which DSLR Camera to Buy : Are you sure that you will need a DSLR ?


More often we face the question which DSLR the peoples are asking should buy. Mostly I get sent an Amazon or Ebay link. An approximate asking price, combined with the question whether it probably be OK.  Usually a middle-class DSLR from a reputable manufacturer (Sony, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, etc.) with a kit lens, usually 18-55mm are pointed towards.

Most are either students, a new couple managing a new family or thinking to marry. Their condition of wallet is said by themselves, just we started in the way – $800 still has a value. The manufacturers, salesperson, affiliates, agents – all will show as if you are a fool, its you trying to save the money just for nothing. More you will get aged, more you will face different situations, you will understand these hard truths. So, at this point, it is important to judge whether you should even think to buy a DSLR rather than asking Which DSLR Camera to Buy ?

Would you rather be just taking pictures or do you intensively work with photography ? Are you sure that you always like to carry a lens and the battery almost weighing a Kilogram or do you need a lighter alternative ? What are you willing to pay for lenses in the future ? Why do you think you need an DSLR? Why not a good compact camera or Bridge Camera is not enough with a mirror-less APS-C system ? Have you ever shot with a Film SLR ? Additionally read these articles for approximate expenditure in near future :



It is not to make you feel that a DSLR is an useless material. But it is most important to understand our need at certain situations. Anyway, in almost every major cities, there are very good photo shops where usually good and cheap used cameras with 1 year warranty are available. May be this is an alternative?


Which DSLR Camera to Buy : What You Should Look For




Second part of this article is fully what the title reads – Which DSLR Camera to Buy ?

Meanwhile, if we may advise you, before you buy anything you must go through at least one of the hundreds of sites which shows the characteristics of the various devices. Read the reviews, compare prices and features : only then make a choice. Also pay close attention to two factors: the price and the import channel. The equipment from foreign markets may be more convenient by price, but they do not get adequate coverage in the warranty and this could mean having problems in repairing. Do not wish it.

We start, then? Only a few notes in advance. The aesthetic problem is practically not present in $800 – $1200 range, because all the models are very similar to each other in terms of handling and comfort. However, there are objective criteria to choose among the various models. A first criterion is the magnitude and the type of sensor inserted in the machine. The type of sensor and its size, influences four factors: the ability to work with less light, amount of noise, dynamic range and depth of field. The various brand seek to create devices that establish a compromise between these factors so as to obtain a machine which ensure the best yield without sacrificing the quality.

A second set of parameters to judge a dslr to the characteristics of each model, from the various working formats is the codecs used and framerate. Third parameter is the availability of third party manufactured accessories. This is actually best about Canon despite possibly Sony is being the best in terms of features, right now. Canon 60D, Canon 600D, Canon 550D are the usual prototypes picked in this price range.

Now the last obvious question is what about Canon  1000D or Canon 1100D ? We will say, it is not at all a bad choice at that price and features.



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