Why MediaWiki is Robust Over Any Journal Publishing Software

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Why MediaWiki is Robust Over Any Journal Publishing Software those are conventionally used ? The basic reason is MediaWiki is fully updated and SEO friendly. People searches more on Google than going to any Website. This article Why MediaWiki is Robust Over Any Journal Publishing Software is basically for our reason to break the rules of affiliate based print publishing system associated with the Journal Websites for our Free Health Foundation and to force the Author’s right over the Print Publishing Companies.


Why MediaWiki is Robust Over Any Journal Publishing Software


What the function a Journal Software basically serves ? To provide a proper hierarchically structured, properly tagged, control the revision by the authors, providing an easy way to download th content as pdf or any eBook format. MediaWiki not only serves all these purposes, but also it implements more advanced Micro Data that includes the rules set by schema.org and adapted by Google. The ultimate target is to get some HTML tags, that actually can be used on any Content Management System.  OAI-PMH metadata format, as per their way of thought, is the standard.

MediaWiki, the software behind WikiPedia serves Free Knowledge ~1700 times more than all the Journal Websites accumulated together per day. So it is a model for success. MediaWiki is highly scalable and suitable for any Cloud Based Platform. CDN can be easily configured to serve contents globally.

Star rating with brief review is far superior than any citation – it is abnormal way of thought to make the academic system more complicated for an average user.


Why MediaWiki is Robust Over Any Journal Publishing Software But Why Still it is existing


Why MediaWiki is Robust Over Any Journal Publishing Software

Take that I am claiming I have discovered a glue device, named iGlue. It is a thing if wrapped on your broken bone, can fix it with 9999.89% success rate. I have written, I have used it on 87659034 number of ill fated person and they has successfully got their bone working with a turbo speed (basically if you read 100 articles 99 will be in this ). I have 999 friends. I asked them for transparent or opaque peer review. The print publishers (only few are allowed, it has relationship with the main site like our blog’s affiliate programs) obviously promoted it as book and included it in their some text book, whose unfortunate author has expired 100 years ago (its a real fact it happens). So the new release of the text book (means more money) got the update of iGlue. In practical world, iGlue became a dangerous product. For some reasons it actually killed peoples. The people who died can not be returned back, but their relatives has no access to rate the original article 1/5. Its broken, does not not work. But a group made the money. Open Journal Publishing Software actually leads to fulled closed system.



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