Dropbox Cloud Storage : Turning 360 Degree Towards Social Network

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Dropbox Cloud Storage changing their strategies is nothing new news. With huge user base, Dropbox Cloud Storage is shifting slowly towards a different model. We previously wrote about the Dedicated Music Service by Dropbox Cloud. Last week a new feature for Dropbox Cloud Storage added the feature of online preview of the documents placed inside by the users.


Why The Gradual Turning Making The Industry To Think a 360 Degree Turn For Dropbox Cloud Storage ?


Initially, all the turns taken by Dropbox Cloud Storage was thought to be a turn towards being a social network itself. The turn in the direction of social network was definitely aggravated by the recent launch of a feature related to the image sharing certainly useful for the 100 million users to date who has chosen the Dropbox cloud Storage to save their files – from computer to mobile devices, from desktop to server backup. A great customer base is constantly growing for Dropbox Cloud Storage with 200 million user base. The assumption that sudden move to be a social network was however incorrect. But it is true and undeniable fact that, Dropbox Cloud Storage is shifting slowly towards a different model. Which can never be compared with the traditional Cloud Storage service running on a Freemium model.


Why Slow Turning of Dropbox Cloud Storage is not abnormal to think towards a 360 degree move


DropBox Cloud Storage  is the Story of Success of a Common Man. So this is a big fact that, Dropbox Cloud Storage, apart from introducing new technologies, does have the capability to plan a bit differently than we basically can think of.

Our traditional thought about social networking is basically limited to two major types – either RSS syndication or manual posting. Other features are gradually merging. Basically Google Plus is an upgraded finer version of Facebook. Pinterest is nothing but a modified version of Flicker. But Pinterest definitely became very much acceptable in this mobile computing age.

Dropbox Cloud Storage

deviantArt is of different niche, but both deviantArt and LinkedIn has few features in common – that is premium membership feature. That simply speaks of a freemium model. In this freemium model, as a free user, you are kind of ‘living with others’ grace’. Paid premium members are ‘serious, professional’. This is obviously an exaggerated and kind of falsified thought pushed towards the free user.

Dropbox Cloud Storage definitely taking a different strategy, which is never like a Cloud Storage service. Possibly it is better to duplicate your data on other free or paid Cloud Storage Services.




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