Taking Successful Pictures Against Backlight

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Taking Successful Pictures Against Backlight is both tricky and artistic – too much contrast between the foreground and the sun make it difficult work. In this article, we are giving some tricks for taking successful Pictures against backlight is both tricky and artistic – too much contrast between the foreground and the sun make it difficult work.


Taking Successful Pictures Against Backlight : Preface


Taking successful pictures against backlight is an art. But Digital Photography has made it pathetic because of added noises. For this reason, you need to use a quite good quality digital camera, preferably a full frame DSLR. The silhouette of a subject, like with the sun in the background, a picture that looks simple to look. However, the composition, the placement of the subject and the position of the photographer plays an important role in the final result.


Taking Successful Pictures Against Backlight


Taking Successful Pictures Against Backlight never means a landscape. It can be a portrait too. We often forget that the wide angle gives more space to space, the decor. Against the light, it can also give the viewer many landmarks to better understand the scene. The photo can then tell a story. In your composition, not center your subject too: skyline, sun, reflections, clouds, and all the elements that can bring some consistency to your image.


Against the light, overexposure is the bane of the photographer. It is often difficult to choose between good expose the dark foreground or sun in the background. The idea is to properly expose the sky while the underexposed ground is more pleasing to the eye where details has been disappeared. A good setting is the key to good against the light.


Put your digital camera in manual mode, aim at the sky, then play with your aperture and your shutter speed until your own eye indicates that the exposure is good. For sensitivity, it is rare to have to go over ISO 400. After that, you may have noise on your digital sky.


The mist gives the photographers an opportunity to create beautiful graphic compositions : diffuse light elements immersed in a whitish smoke, desaturated colors. Enjoy the days with your camera. The fog is particularly present in the winter mornings, after a sunny day. Get up a little earlier to have a low sun and a little thick fog.

HDR is a technique of shooting that involves taking several shots with different exposures. Thus, we come to have a dark foreground well exposed and a background that retains its brightness. The use of tripod is essential, then recompose the image by assembling the photos in editing software. The technique applied very well to the landscape but the risk of movement of a portrait subject is too much to use. We wrote about HDR in a different article before.

Taking Successful Pictures Against Backlight


The sea, the roof of a car or a glass building, try to deal with the elements around you. Polarizing Filter in Digital Photography plays an important role just like in SLR photography.




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