Install Open Journal Systems on Rackspace Cloud Sites

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Install Open Journal Systems on Rackspace Cloud Sites just like any other PHP MySQL based application in easy to follow steps. It is actually quite important to have the basic idea about PHP, MySQL or Semantic Web. Unfortunately, over 98% has very little idea but going to setup a Journal Site. This introduction is special for how to install Open Journal Systems, and has not been said in installing WordPress, Joomla or any PHP MySQL softwareOpen Journal System basically will run on any LAMP Server. Rackspace Cloud Sites is an aPaaS.


Install Open Journal Systems on Rackspace Cloud Sites : The Basics


You will need a FTP software, like FileZilla for OS X, Linux or Windows PC or WinSCP for Windows. We have used a ported version of WinSCP on OS X. Open Journal Systems is a web software for setup of a Journal site, indeed you can use it as a CMS. It comes with GNU General Public License. You can download the tarball from (copy paste the url) :



There is a bootstrap theme available too :



There is a forum for help :



Steps to Install Open Journal Systems on Rackspace Cloud Sites


Basically the steps to install Open Journal Systems on Rackspace Cloud Sites is essentially like installing WordPress on Rackspace Cloud Sites. Create a database and copy paste the details on the text file.

Uncompress the tarball and upload all the contents to /web/content/ folder or any subfolder :


Install Open Journal

It will take a huge time to get uploaded. Its bigger than WordPress. Make the following files and directories permission to 777 or lesser  later (i.e., by right clicking on the folders and changing the owner or permissions with checkbox):


  1. (optional — if not writable you will be prompted and change it, we needed to change to 777 and after installation we changed back)
  2. public
  3. cache


Create a directory to store uploaded files (like files for submission) and make this directory writeable. Protect from direct access using.htaccess rules. Now point to the directory via browser (like WordPress) :



You will see the on bowser instruction. Simply follow it and complete the installation. Install the Bootstrap theme if you want. By any means do not use their hosting service :



Its a solid rip off for the “Server Environments”. You can donate for Open Journal Systems for being a free project. That is good thing. You can use Heroku Cloud, App Fog or Red Hat OpenShift for free PaaS hosting. Search our website for WordPress installation method for Heroku Cloud, App Fog or Red Hat OpenShift, the things will be closer and App Fog will be easier to Install Open Journal Systems for the easiness of database, which is actually reverse in other situations.


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