YouTube Tips : Embed Playlist, YouTube’s audio, YouTube HTML5 Player

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Here are YouTube Tips to Embed YouTube Playlist, YouTube’s audio, YouTube HTML5 Player in any webpage or WordPress page or posts. Let us see how we can do them. Most of these experimental features and possibly requires you to be a YouTube Partner. As far we can recall, without being YouTube Partner, you will unable to get the content ID, which is essential for this tricks plus you might have to enroll yourself to various YouTube Trial like YouTube HTML5 Video Player.


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We hope you have already read our Guide to Embed YouTube Video on Rackspace Cloud Files HTML Page - that is using the ID and another set of YouTube Tips and Tricks for Publishers. These are somehow related to this article plus we are taking that you are updated with your knowledge on HTML5 Vocabulary and Interfaces. Technically HTML5 allows to use a Player without using the conventional iframe thing. Except Google, no one knows why that iframe embedding appears ‘newer method’ to Google, in fact it is well known fact that; Google products has conflicting policies. What ever, we are not going in to serve you critic but a technical guide.


YouTube Tips : Embed Playlist, YouTube’s audio, YouTube HTML5 Player

This the HTML for embedding one of our video as iframe :

This is obviously for the video.

For WordPress users, there are good Plugins, that will help to embed Only the Audio but for non-WordPress users, it is a generally taken way to embed as audio :

The above code will not work. Because the content ID is mine with my added restriction. Obviously change the variables. You can test various parameters on YouTube API testing page :

There are actually lot of experimental features :

And lastly here is the link for HTML5 video embedding :

As Google can now read js, here is the coding reference for js as well :

You can watch lot of modification in Showcase page :

Incoming search terms:

pc showcase interactive windows 7
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