Get Screenshot of Website or URL : All Methods

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Get Screenshot of Website or URL either on your PC, Mac, Linux or on your self hosted website or you just want to get a screenshot of an URL by an Online Tool. Definitely the source code is fully free, its quite easy to use – depending upon on your Operating System, the complexity and method varies. This is the way how various SEO analysis type of website grabs a screenshot of your website, this is also the method, how WordPress shows up Preview of the website with JetPack.


Get Screenshot of Website or URL : Understanding the Thing


The easiest way to get a screenshot of your website is to use this syntax in browser :


Working Example (copy paste it on a new browser window) :


We have to change the ASCII Character to URL-encoding, there are lot of tools available to do it – like the :// part of http:// has been used as %3A%2F%2F – this need will only be required if you use a deep url, for the homepage, obviously there is NO NEED for further work, just like our example.


Get Screenshot of Website or URL : If We Want From our Linux or Mac / OS X / Windows



We basically need to install imagemagick and wkhtmltopdf for kind of UNIX brothers – be it server or desktop. Depending upon what is the operating system, you have to use the right command to install from Command Line. Like :


# Debian variants

sudo aptitude install imagemagick

sudo aptitude install wkhtmltopdf

# OS X with Homebrew

brew install imagemagick

brew install wkhtmltopdf

In this way, yast and lot of other installation package manager specific commands, its too much basic to go in to details for this topic. Run this PHP script :



These are natively *nix. For Windows, other than using the round-about way, there is various tools like :

Get Screenshot of Website or URL : Using html2canvas


html2canvas is one of best package for self hosted website usage – like the typical example of various SEO analysis type of website those grabs a screenshot of your website while you run their battery of tests. This is also free :

A great implementation, which is also has free source code :

There are actually more ways for the core coders :

Until and unless you are getting the source code, the Free Service, difficult to say how much your data is handing – all of us are aware now about security and privacy after PRISM buzz, right ?
Please read our other related topics, search this website for command line hints those who are relatively newer.

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