What is Red Hat OpenShift : Explained in Details

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What is Red Hat OpenShift? Red Hat OpenShift is a Platform as a Service which has a free usage tier, about which we wrote about in our previous article Red Hat OpenShift PaaS Out From Beta. In more simple words – Red Hat OpenShift is new generation hosting service which has a free usage tier, if you use a traditional worser quality shared hosting, it would cost you around $48.00 per year. We are not sure why WordPress like hugely used Free Softwares, never officially talks about these free PaaS – be it Red Hat OpenShift, Heroku Cloud or App Fog.


What is Red Hat OpenShift : What This PaaS, Cloud Computing is All About?


After answering your first querry, what is Red Hat OpenShift, the next questions are assumable to be asked by a non-tech user. So, here are some prototype questions and explanations with link to older articles.

First question which will come in your mind is, what is difference between cPanel like control Panel and PaaS. That we basically answered before in this article. Now you have came to know about some words like Cloud Computing, Platform as a Service (PaaS). Its quite obvious that more and more question will arise in your mind. You can read a detailed article on Cloud Computing first. Then you will face the terminologies like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS etceteras. These are models of Cloud Computing. It is useful to read about Cloud Computing Service Models and Deployment. Now forget about IaaS and SaaS – they will confuse a new learner to get the answer what is Red Hat OpenShift. You only need to know about Platform as a Service or PaaS in details and Application Platform as a Service. Clearly know, we take that Platform as a Service has lot of to offer in future in lesser cost – we wrote about that part in another article - Is PaaS Model of Cloud Computing is the Future Mainstream ? It is intended for a bit advanced users. Skip this article, if you are a newbie.

Now, second set of questions will be about this kind of Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers. Obviously, Red Hat not only the tooth paste manufacturer. There are lot of quite older tooth paste manufacturers, but Red Hat is like Colgate tooth paste, kind of ‘universally known to be cheat free’ possibly you are aware about the company Colgate-Palmolive for consumer products. Anyway, we compared with other tooth pastes, we mean Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers in the article Which PaaS is Better Option to choose. Rackspace’s current condition with their Platform as a Service (PaaS) is too rigid – there is only one plan at $150.00 per month. Its obvious that, the quality of customer support is the best, but possibly its a costly option to many users. There are pros and cons of Rackspace’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) or rather aPaaS and we want to avoid comparison for technical differences.


Understood What is Red Hat OpenShift, But What I Can Do with This Hosting?


What is Red Hat OpenShift

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You can do many things like traditional shared server like you can install WordPress on Free OpenShift PaaS, You can install PiWik on OpenShift, PiWik is a very good analytic software. You can install Drupal on OpenShift. These are most commonly used PHP MySQL based, kind of consumer grade toothpastes, but Red Hat OpenShift PaaS has more to offer. A bit bizarre usage is like using OpenShift PaaS as Facebook App.

On the technical part, we wrote about how to get started with Command Line Tool for Red Hat OpenShift PaaS and how to use OpenShift SSH – its a Video Guide.

We guess, the way we have answered the question - What is Red Hat OpenShift, its not even possible elaborate by OpenShift themselves in this way. We are used to face such basic questions.

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