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HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop is named Guacamole. It is more towards an Apache Tomcat web framework plus a native application. Important points for the installation part are shown on this HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop Guacamole video guide. This is not a step by step guide. The actual need to create this video is for few regular users who wanted to see the details, you can see the original article with all the needed commands. But that guide will hugely differ from the method we have shown on this HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop Guacamole setup video, as the now everything is almost ready-made for Ubuntu latest version.


HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop Guacamole Video and Notes


Well, unlike before, Author/Developer has own website for Guacamole now :


There is no need to go in to step by step guide, briefly, the commands are (comments are marked with #) :

Use must combine some parts of both the guides!


HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop Guacamole Video


HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop Guacamole Video

However, we think, only the GUI part installation is more easier – Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Rackspace Cloud Server as VNC Remote Desktop.

It is more easy for an average user to use a powerful remote desktop. There are many VNC clients for any computing device.

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