BlogPosting, Blog, Article and TechArticle Markup of has different significance. Here is a brief guide for understanding and usage with WordPress. At least two previously published guides are important to read with this article, the first one is Advanced tips on for Genesis users and Rich Snippets and Organization of Schemas. Clearly know – Google has very bad quality servers and their hardware incapable to crawling and understanding fully legit markups if there are more than 2nd level complex.


BlogPosting, Blog, Article and TechArticle Markup of : Why Google’s Bad Quality Server Matters


Google servers, even for Ad Serving lacks far behind Akamai or NetDNA. Google’s quality of Crawl furthermore influenced by the added new rules, that practically make it more slow – it is obvious that more there will be logic even with infinite compute resources, more time will be required. The only practically great quality bot is used for AdWords. Its very fast. When we change or upgrade the markups, the basic problem becomes – Google Bots simply can not handle so many webpages of one website within one or two months. Basically its a kind of newly indexing the whole website. You can see the amount of newly added schema on this website and number of wrong numbers in Webmaster Tools :

BlogPosting, Blog, Article and TechArticle Markup of

In other words – Google Bots can not digest so much high volume of suddenly added markups. So we need to make the things easier to help the bots. It is a kind of helping a physically challenged person. Obviously, it is more desired to have a good search engine with better quality hardware. That is the sole reason why on Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool, the markups will rightly show up but actually it will not be properly arranged or rather indexed. This was asked by a visitor on one guide.

One friend jokingly said me, that there is not such complex reason – simply Google is selling the website’s Microdata before it is reaching Google’s Servers!


BlogPosting, Blog, Article and TechArticle Markup of : But the Need


What ever, we need to make the things easier. The corresponding reference can be found here :


Now, the first and foremost important thing is that, WebPage is an attribute that should always be present. TechArticle has many Advantages over BlogPosting for a Tech website. It give more options like API reference :


I am not sure why used Microsoft’s proprietary examples under “Properties from APIReference”. It actually should be of some Free Software under GNU GPL to keep it neutral.


BlogPosting, Blog, Article and TechArticle Markup of : Developing Own Plugin


Genesis 2.0 Beta will give you all the things (indigestible to Google fast, does not matter, eventually it will work) but obviously – you will never get more and more specific markups. There will never be an ideal Plugin for WordPress that can server all the Purpose Specifically For You.


For technical easiness, take an existing plugin named  itemprop :


It basically inserts the microdata in the body as Article. If you are used with Plugins, null this line in the file named itempropwp.php and its functions :



Its a kind of spyware function. The plugin has quite good amount of such ill-defined lines which are not related to I have not seen before writing this guide. There is a need to create an innocent version. Whatever, here is an example of changing from Article to TechArticle modding the plugin, its a part of the itempropwp.php file :

I have stripped out the HTML comments.

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