Technical Aspects of Data Security in the Cloud

Technical Aspects of Data Security in the Cloud

Technical aspects of data security in the cloud is one of the main reason why the companies or the end users thinks to be in the cloud. Here is a discussion. Cloud computing is no longer just a buzzword, over the years cloud computing has established itself as a serious technology as alternative resource for infrastructure, platforms and applications. Cloud computing now offers own cloud based … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing in Small Business : Outlook

Cloud Computing in Small Business

Cloud Computing in Small Business such as ERP, also shows expected competitive advantages through cloud until the competitor has implemented a similar model. This article is an outlook based on our previous three articles - Strategic Requirements for Including Cloud computing for Small Businesses, Opportunities and Risks of Cloud Computing for Small Business and Use of Cloud Computing in Small … [Read more...]

Google+ Custom URL : Interesting Findings


Google+ Custom URL email request gave us time to do some research as we received two emails one is regular email and one for Google Apps for one person. Obviously, none of them are created deliberately - one is associated with AdWords, AdSense accounts and the another is this domain's one email which is binded with Google Apps. It is quite obvious, only one was taken / claimed. Other email was not … [Read more...]

Sandbox in Computer Security


Sandbox allows the execution of software(s) with less risk to the operating system. These are often used to execute untested code of dubious origin. We talked about Advanced Persistent Threats or APT in an older article, also we mentioned we use Sandbox mode to check them.┬áThe term Sandbox is also used in a broader sense to refer to a test environment for software or websites - we are not talking … [Read more...]

How to Analyze Network Traffic to Detect Advanced Persistent Threats

How to Analyze Network Traffic to Detect Advanced Persistent Threats

Many IT workers feel more like firemen than like networking professionals. They detect network attacks, respond to them and move on to the next problem. However, putting out fires is an ineffective approach because research has shown that most cyber attacks are not one-time events. They are a series of ongoing attacks designed to probe a network's weakness and compromise it.While knowing that … [Read more...]

Business Intelligence Software in Healthcare


Increased desire for more and better information by different industries resulted in increased sales of Business Intelligence solutions including Healthcare. In a given size of the company, which mainly composed by the number of employees, a company-wide usage of business intelligence software should follow a comparison of several leading Business Intelligence software solutions for relevant … [Read more...]

Opportunities and Risks of Cloud Computing for Small Business


Opportunities and risks of Cloud Computing for Small Business can be calculated and the calculation supports the decision for or against the cloud model. Previously we wrote about the strategic requirements for including cloud computing for small businesses, which is definitely a starting point for a small business owner.Now, let us understand this part - quite practical part -┬áthe end result. … [Read more...]

What is Abstraction Layer?

What is Abstraction Layer

What is Abstraction Layer? You might have noticed the usage of this terminology in various technical article but ever wondered what this Abstraction Layer is? An abstraction layer or level of abstraction is a way to hide the way the things are running behind certain functionalities. The best known example of Abstraction Layer can be the OSI model for network protocols.  Basic Examples … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing in Home Care Scenarios : Opportunities and Risks

Cloud Computing in Home Care Scenarios

Cloud Computing in Home Care Scenarios is based on real-world scenarios to analyze the opportunities and risks, as well as the practicality of such systems. With cloud computing, in information technology there is a current trend, which also opens up areas and industries that still have the networking of computer systems with lot of potential. This also includes the medical and healthcare … [Read more...]

The Biggest Challenges for Cloud Computing

The Biggest Challenges for Cloud Computing

The biggest challenges for cloud computing are privacy and compliance requirements and maintaining information security. Cloud should be integrated with other trends. A closer look at the most important challenges also reveals insightful knowledge. So called compliance requirements, and definitely security of data. It is quite clear that these points are more difficult to solve right now than … [Read more...]