Configure Varnish Cache (HTTPS, Ubuntu 14.04, HP Cloud)

Here is how to configure Varnish Cache for a HTTPS website, running on Ubuntu 14.04 on HP Cloud. Use a dev server to get used with Varnish. Varnish Cache is notorious for throwing Guru Meditation Error. As basically it is difficult to configure Varnish Cache for HTTPS for the new users, we are writing a separate guide. We frankly do not recommend to use Varnish with HTTPS because it will not give … [Read more...]

Hackers vs TRAI : Political Model of the Governments Needs Upgrade

The hackers forced Indian Government to make data public. From Mass Surveillance programs to forcing an act, Governments are clearly failing. Specifically after Snowden revelations. The political models to run the bigger countries like uS, India or any European Nation, basically failing with the rise of F/OSS. Hackers vs TRAI is just a small demonstration of the outrage - fixing the security of … [Read more...]

5G : 5th Generation Mobile Networks

5G or 5th Generation Mobile Networks is the next standard for mobile telephony, following the 4G. 5G is used to describe the successor to 4G. The 5G technique can allow the mobile telecommunication rates to go up to 1000 times faster than the mobile networks in 2010, it may boost the cloud computing, integration and interoperability of communicating objects (including cars and other vehicles … [Read more...]

Little Data Instead of Big Data?

More and more companies and experts are give preference to Little Data; small amounts of data, limited to a specific person, a specific company or a specific device. We talked about Big Data via various articles and guides. This is practically an introductory article on Little Data.  Little Data Instead of Big Data?  There is opinion that the personal productivity can be … [Read more...]

HP Helion Public Cloud : Video Guide to Launch First Instance

HP Helion Public Cloud Video Guide to Launch First Instance Will Help You to Get Aligned With Our Advanced Guides to Install Web Softwares via SSH. It takes a small time to understand the router, security group, key etc. minute stuffs on HP Helion Public Cloud, even who are used with SSH. This router stuffs are like Amazon and honestly, investing a bit time will give you a good return in terms of … [Read more...]

Embed JSON-LD in WordPress to Give More Information

Here is how to embed JSON-LD in WordPress to give more information to search engine bots including Google bots. JSON-LD is not a visual element. We have talked about JSON-LD before through different articles - you can read these articles before reading this current one - JSON-LD in details and JSON-LD and Google Site Search. In this short guide, we will learn how to embed JSON-LD in WordPress to … [Read more...]

What is QUIC Protocol?

In 2014, Google announced about QUIC, a new data transfer protocol based on UDP and thought for the modern Internet. This year, Google may propose QUIC as the IETF standard for faster Internet. What is QUIC Protocol all about? QUIC is the abbreviation of Quick UDP Internet Connections and pronounced as quick.  What is QUIC Protocol?  QUIC is an experimental transport layer … [Read more...]

WordPress Genesis Home Page Grid With CSS Column

Here is how to get WordPress Genesis home page grid with CSS column without any plugin or even front-page or home template. Very easy to create. Genesis and other paid themes can not compete with the recent changes for schema markups. At the time of publication of this article, you can check official StudioPress blog is failing to pass Google Microformat Testing Tool, but we are passing. Most … [Read more...]