Nano Text Editor Tips & Tricks

Nano Text Editor Tips Tricks

Here Are Some Tips & Tricks for (Mac) OS X and GNU/Linux Nano Text Editor Including Shortcuts, Line Numbers, Going to Line Number etc. Basic Things. vi is definitely a powerful text editor, you can read How to Use vi Text Editor, but basically for the new Linux and OS X user, Nano appears better. It is better to help the user to shift from closed source software like Microsoft Windows in a … [Read more...]

Configure Ubuntu Server & WordPress To Use Google Apps Gmail

Configure Ubuntu Server & WordPress To Use Google Apps Gmail

Here is How To Configure Ubuntu Server & WordPress To Use Google Apps Gmail for Domains. There are two ways - using plugin and server side configuration. We have talked about SMTP before. We have explained that there is associated reputation of Domain Name Mail Server. You can use this link to signup for Google Apps and use Gmail for domains. If you are from India, you can use our Partner … [Read more...]

WordPress Cloud Hosting : Example of Basic Scalable Architecture

WordPress Cloud Hosting

WordPress Cloud Hosting Demands Special Attention to the Plan of the Architecture. Universal Optimized WordPress Cloud Hosting is a Pure Fuss. Cloud Server Instances are Multi-tenant, service continuity and scalability has differences. Readymade WordPress Cloud Hosting are Mostly Ponzu Schemes. Depending on your need and budget, you can choose between DigitalOcean, HP Cloud, Rackspace, Amazon and … [Read more...]

Operating System Level Virtualization

Operating System Level Virtualization

Operating System Level Virtualization is Commonly Known as Container Based Virtualization. Docker is a Common Example. Basics Has Benn Discussed in this Article. Actually, we have talked about container based virtualization, Docker like topics before. Many questions are asked around Operating System Level Virtualization via Contact Us Page or over the social networks. We are trying to explain the … [Read more...]

WordPress Lost Post Recovery Options on Cloud

WordPress Lost Post Recovery Options on Cloud

WordPress Lost Post Recovery Options Are Not Less in Number on Cloud, Even Without Backup Failure. If Your FTP Server is Running, Data Can Be Recovered. Database Server - that is the MySQL Server, always should be different one. That is one of the reason why we ask to create a separate database server. If you use HostGator Like Third Class Reseller Web Host, chance of recovery becomes lesser. On … [Read more...]

Steps To Install Nginx Plus on Ubuntu Server (HP Cloud)

Here Are the Steps To Install Nginx Plus on Ubuntu Server Running on HP Cloud. Nginx Plus is the Paid Version of Nginx with Extra Features. This guide is not for the Free Community Edition of Nginx. If you are searching how to install Nginx Community Edition on Ubuntu Server on HP Cloud, you should follow these guides – Install on Ubuntu Server on HP Cloud. Steps will be quite different. We … [Read more...]

Cloud Security : There is a Lack of Pioneering Standard

Cloud Security Lacks a Pioneering Standard. The applications are designed to simplify complex processes, to intercept data points or take holistic processes. But how safe is the data on Cloud ? A good number of companies already rely on software-as-a-service solutions. For them, the cloud is already a reality, most opted before NSA Spyware Activities were exposed by Edward Snowden. The biggest … [Read more...]

Nano Syntax Highlighting : nanorc

Here is updated list of nanorc with script to compile them to one file for Powerful Nano Syntax Highlighting. Clone the Git repo and get highlighted. Nano is not exactly a powerful text editor, vi is definitely the powerful text editor (we have basic guide on vi), but for the beginners and the purposes where vi may be not required, Nano can do the work nicely. Nano Syntax Highlighting : OS X … [Read more...]

Remove Junks From WordPress Header

There are Hundreds of Junks on WordPress Header, From Meta Name Generator To Post RSS. Here is How To Remove the Junks From WordPress Header. This guide is nothing new, frankly, there are lot of good guides on the same topic. Yet, you might get some links to the older guides which are helpful and 100% unique. Also, a practical fact – own blog work as own guide. It is not possible to remember … [Read more...]

Cloud market 2015 : Hunger Games Are Over

Exciting news from the cloud market has been a pleasure to us up to the last year. Lots of new data centers and innovative services showing up that the theme is set firmly for the Cloud Market, the Hunger Games Are Over Now. Although the cloud market has developed more slowly; however, an adoption rate of nearly 75 percent clearly shown an upwards adoption rate. That has two resilient reasons … [Read more...]