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General Computing and Networking

There are many reasons to know the basic know-how around the topics on general computing and physics. This kind of articles are our oldest type of articles and our default category for many of the published articles till date with the name “Computer and Internet” or “Computing”.


Virtualization is the enabling technology behind Cloud Computing. Without the practical and theoritical knowledge of Virtualization, learning Cloud Computing is incomplete.

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Server Administration

This website has plenty of thoroughly checked GNU/Linux Server administration and server and web software installation guides intended for the beginner to the advanced users.

Web Development

As WordPress is our main targated niche, most of the guides around CSS, Javascript, MySQL are related to WordPress. However, one can easily use them for non-WordPress websites.

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Our Recently Published Articles

How Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Works

An autonomous emergency braking system is an extension of the emergency braking assistant. An emergency braking assistant is a predictive driver assistance system for motor vehicles that warns the driver in case of danger, supports emergency braking (brake assistant) or brakes automatically. This is to avoid collision with an obstacle or reduce the collision speed. Some emergency braking … [Read more...]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the blockchain?

Blockchain technology raises hopes across industrial boundaries. In particular, the retail trade, logistics and the financial sector have already gained experience. We have an easy to understand article on blockchain written in plain English. A blockchain makes it possible to transmit information in a tamper-proof manner using a decentralized database shared by many participants so that copies are … [Read more...]

How to Install in WSL 2 on Windows 10 (version 2004)

I have tested the described method on my new HP x360 convertible laptop (Corona gave me a 30% discount). Anyway, do not read the old guides all over the web. Official guides from Microsoft for version 2004 is fully correct just for Microsoft Windows part. If you follow my guide for HP, Dell laptops then you'll get watermark for using Evaluation Copy of Windows. OEM licenses are for RTM versions. … [Read more...]

Tips for Doctors: The Marketing Errors of Medical Blogs

The required skills, setup, capital, knowledge for different nice is different. Writing short-notes based on blind keyword research for the medical blog will bring a gush of untargeted traffic. Readers who read medical blogs only for disease descriptions are usually those who are already in trouble or have some sort of fear in mind. Such untargeted traffic was unlikely to make the advertisers and … [Read more...]

Agile versus Waterfall in Real Life

In software development, the waterfall model is now considered to be frowned upon and antiquated. But waterfall has connections to the agile methodologies. Agility is a catchphrase that has affected almost all companies. At the decision-maker level, the topic of business agility, i.e. the agile way a company works, is becoming increasingly important. As a result, companies are trying to … [Read more...]

Required Theory For Unlocking Cars With Smartwatch (ESP32 Arduino)

In this article, we will discuss the opportunities to add a BLE controlled system of ESP32 in parallel to the central lock fitted by the company which will unlock and lock our cars based on proximity of our smartwatches. Our regular readers already learned how to use ESP32 Arduino with a buzzer to detect a Samsung Smartwatch. Also, they can track such events on IBM IoT dashboard. The car's … [Read more...]

How Hybrid Cloud Delivers the Best Business Benefits

The Hybrid Cloud combines the benefits of private and public cloud. However, their management requires more effort and specific tools. Many companies help the organizations to launch and operate hybrid clouds, optimize network components, and use other technologies. Crises are catalysts for technological developments. This year, digitalization has received a huge boost in one fell swoop. The world … [Read more...]

Why Should You Consider Selling Products & Services Online

Consumer behaviour is increasingly changing with the ever-expanding technological revolution in the commerce industry. Today, the average internet users tend to buy compare and buy too many from online stores, starting from food to consumer-grade electronics products. Consumers also enjoy the convenience it creates for them as they can access a variety of products and overwhelming payment options, … [Read more...]

How To Optimize Your Windows OS Development Environment

There are several strategic practices to optimize your Windows OS development environment. Even for the most experienced developers, the Windows operating system can be complex and challenging. Luckily, there are dozens of methods to optimize your OS development environment. Whether you are developing custom software, mobile applications, or web pages in Windows, the best techniques help you … [Read more...]

Opportunities and Prospects of Gambling Software Development

To develop software for the gambling industry, an entrepreneur needs to know some basics of the industry. The goal of this article is to highlight the technologies in present usage. Gambling is an industry which is completely dependent on technological innovations. Owners of the gambling platforms are aware of modern technological trends and implementing new solutions as soon as possible. A few … [Read more...]

Call for Code 2020: The Hackathon to Fight Climate Change

While COVID-19 has created much destruction of human society, the threat of global warming has not gone away. Natural fluctuations in the climate are expected over some centuries but scientists say that the earth is becoming hotter because of the greenhouse effect. Several human activities such as deforestation are increasing carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in extreme weather. Storms such as … [Read more...]