HP Helion Public Cloud : Video Guide to Launch First Instance

HP Helion Public Cloud Video Guide to Launch First Instance Will Help You to Get Aligned With Our Advanced Guides to Install Web Softwares via SSH. It takes a small time to understand the router, security group, key etc. minute stuffs on HP Helion Public Cloud, even who are used with SSH. This router stuffs are like Amazon and honestly, investing a bit time will give you a good return in terms of … [Read more...]

Embed JSON-LD in WordPress to Give More Information

Here is how to embed JSON-LD in WordPress to give more information to search engine bots including Google bots. JSON-LD is not a visual element. We have talked about JSON-LD before through different articles - you can read these articles before reading this current one - JSON-LD in details and JSON-LD and Google Site Search. In this short guide, we will learn how to embed JSON-LD in WordPress to … [Read more...]

What is QUIC Protocol?

In 2014, Google announced about QUIC, a new data transfer protocol based on UDP and thought for the modern Internet. This year, Google may propose QUIC as the IETF standard for faster Internet. What is QUIC Protocol all about? QUIC is the abbreviation of Quick UDP Internet Connections and pronounced as quick.  What is QUIC Protocol?  QUIC is an experimental transport layer … [Read more...]

WordPress Genesis Home Page Grid With CSS Column

Here is how to get WordPress Genesis home page grid with CSS column without any plugin or even front-page or home template. Very easy to create. Genesis and other paid themes can not compete with the recent changes for schema markups. At the time of publication of this article, you can check official StudioPress blog is failing to pass Google Microformat Testing Tool, but we are passing. Most … [Read more...]

Non Profit Company & NGO : Basics to Start

Here is the basic details about how to open and run a Non Profit Company & NGO with Indian Citizenship. We have explained the working models. One of our reader after reading the article on Private Limited Company formation, asked us to make the things around Non-Govermental Organization (NGO) easy. We wrote before - there are three methods for any kind of company related registrations - by … [Read more...]

HP Helion Cloud WordPress Installation

Here is Step by Step Guide For HP Helion Cloud WordPress Installation For the Beginners. On HP Cloud Server, Set the Security Policy First. This guide for HP Helion Cloud WordPress Installation is a special guide and we are explaining and linking to the older articles more than normally we do. HP Public Cloud has Infrastructure Managed Service. There is no support for the software part. It is … [Read more...]

Using NetBSD Package Manager on OS X

OS X is Modified BSD. We Can Use NetBSD Package Manager on OS X for Package Management Just Like We Use Homebrew or Fink or Even apt on OS X. We have previously published guides on install apt on OS X, Homebrew on OS X and this time - NetBSD Package Manager on OS X.  Understanding NetBSD Package Manager on OS X  As like Homebrew, we need to install/update Xcode Command Line … [Read more...]

Change Nginx Server Name in Header on Ubuntu Server

Declaring the Server Name is a Security Risk, You Can Change the Server Name From Nginx to Apache2 or What You Want. It is Easier on Ubuntu. For non-deb Linux distort, the only way to change is to compile from the source, which is pathetically bad and big work for many running instances. Debian/Ubuntu has some advantages. If you are using apt for OS X, you can use this trick to change Nginx server … [Read more...]