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General Computing and Networking

There are many reasons to know the basic know-how around the topics on general computing and physics. This kind of articles are our oldest type of articles and our default category for many of the published articles till date with the name “Computer and Internet” or “Computing”.


Virtualization is the enabling technology behind Cloud Computing. Without the practical and theoritical knowledge of Virtualization, learning Cloud Computing is incomplete.

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Server Administration

This website has plenty of thoroughly checked GNU/Linux Server administration and server and web software installation guides intended for the beginner to the advanced users.

Web Development

As WordPress is our main targated niche, most of the guides around CSS, Javascript, MySQL are related to WordPress. However, one can easily use them for non-WordPress websites.

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Our Recently Published Articles

How To Pick a Blog Niche That Makes Money

The success of many bloggers is due to their perseverance. Countless people start a blog and quit before they could have discovered the real money. Most blogs make good money after staying on the web for 7-10 years. There are various reasons why this time is required. These days, search engines do not care the new domains (buying an expired domain is a trick to circumvent it). It takes significant … [Read more...]

How to Generate More Content for Your Website?

Generating fresh and original content requires a constant flow of interesting topics and a team of professional content writers to do the heavy lifting.   Efficient Strategies to Generate Original Content for Your Site   Follow these cost-effective content-generating tips, and you'll never run out of original ideas.   1. Before you start posting   Before you … [Read more...]

Are You Paying Too Much for Cloud Services?

Cloud services provide users with the ability to access their data and applications from any location, without having to install any hardware and also server software. However, not all cloud services are created equal. Many companies have not been making effective use of their cloud resources, which has led to this emphasis on cost management when it comes to the multi-cloud.   The main … [Read more...]

Facts to Know About Online Casinos in Malaysia

Online gambling has long been popular worldwide, and Malaysia is no exception. Despite Malaysian law prohibiting gambling, including gambling on online casinos, except at Genting Highlands, the country's only legal gambling establishment, many Malaysians continue to flock to online casino Malaysia websites to play live casino Malaysia games, bet on sports, and play slot machines online. In … [Read more...]

Suspend Execution For Cached Apps : Improve Battery Life of S22 Ultra

You may or may not have heard that enabling the "Suspend Execution For Cached Apps" option (available at Settings > Developer Options) significantly improves the battery life of the S22 Ultra. You will want to know what Suspend Execution For Cached Apps option is all about, which Android sets support it at this moment and most importantly - what you can expect. Since the year 2020, Google … [Read more...]

3 Benefits of Improving Your Company’s Printer Driver Management

Printer driver management may seem insignificant, but forgetting that simple step could cause significant disruptions throughout your company’s office and information chains. Improving printer driver management through automation can help prevent problems and keep your business running smoothly. Here are some ways to improve printer driver management for your company. Table of … [Read more...]

How To Get Notification Email of Server Load Average

Unmanaged servers are great because they cost us less. But there are certain risks. To decrease the risks, we need some automation and of course, regular SSH to physically check what is going on. Your web host can ban you if your cloud/VPS instance create an odd, sustained increase of load average. There are various reasons which may increase the load average. For example, a some WordPress … [Read more...]

Measuring and Improving Data Quality

Data quality is the key to ensuring that your data can be used effectively. You need to make sure that the data you collect is accurate and up-to-date so that you can make informed decisions. In this article, we'll discuss some of the ways you can measure data quality and improve it. Measuring quality isn't just about the outcome, it's about the process of delivering it. For example, a product … [Read more...]

How To Make Money From Blogging (2022)

First and foremost important trick to consistently earn money from blog is selecting the correct niche. For the technology niche, I always suggest publishing a few articles every month related to coding. Secondly, rely on the true authority sites. I can not suggest relying on a website which is pushing too many affiliate products. In 2022, more people are starting blogging due to the decrease … [Read more...]

Why Is Backup as a Service Important?

Data stored in Baas is more convenient than traditional methods as it automatically saves. You don't need to worry about data, rather you can focus on work and other services. Backup as a service is one of those important services that most people take for granted, but without it, your business could suffer serious consequences. By understanding the importance of backup as a service, you can make … [Read more...]

Types of Blogs That Makes Over $5000 Per Month

Usually there are 2 main business models of making money through blogs. One is to have a bunch of websites without personally caring a lot about quality. Second type is owning a few good websites. In this article, we are talking about the second category. There are many different types of blogs out there making lots of money, but the best ones typically focus on multiple topics. You can make money … [Read more...]