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General Computing and Networking

There are many reasons to know the basic know-how around the topics on general computing and physics. This kind of articles are our oldest type of articles and our default category for many of the published articles till date with the name “Computer and Internet” or “Computing”.


Virtualization is the enabling technology behind Cloud Computing. Without the practical and theoritical knowledge of Virtualization, learning Cloud Computing is incomplete.

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Server Administration

This website has plenty of thoroughly checked GNU/Linux Server administration and server and web software installation guides intended for the beginner to the advanced users.

Web Development

As WordPress is our main targated niche, most of the guides around CSS, Javascript, MySQL are related to WordPress. However, one can easily use them for non-WordPress websites.

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Our Recently Published Articles

EZVIZ C6CN IP Camera Review and Tips

EZVIZ C6CN is a motorized indoor internet camera which supports single unit usage as well as NVR, local storage, cloud storage, over-the-internet remote viewing and has video management software for Android (you'll get on Google Play) and Microsoft Windows (EZVIZ Studio is the name of their Windows app). EZVIZ is a sub-brand of HIKVision to deliver "smart" cloud-based security cameras. You can … [Read more...]

How Content Localization is Driving the Entertainment Industry

Setting up an entertainment website sounds like a lot of fun, but how do you make sure that the people who visit it get as much enjoyment as possible out of it? One of the key factors that we see in certain industries is content localization, which can enhance the visitors’ experience immensely. Content localization is a critical strategy for capturing new markets worldwide in today’s increasingly … [Read more...]

Sexually Suggestive Images in Marketing

If a female puts a banana in her mouth and winks that becomes "sexually suggestive image" however studies suggest that eroticism is not effective in selling a product but it helps in branding. Sexually suggestive image is what we honestly know - provocative and against social norms to watch with parents. They are for attracting the adult audience. In general, the usage of sexually suggestive … [Read more...]

Top 6 Things You Can Do with a Chromecast Device

Once you get to know the uses of the Chromecast device, you won't be able to live without it. At first, you may be doubtful if your purchase would be worth it. Plus, you don't really know what it could accomplish. You should invest in this device without any doubts as it is extremely useful when you want to project your phone onto your smart TV. This gives you a great TV experience and valuable … [Read more...]

How IoT Digitizes the World

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing our world. Whether smart production, modern medicine, smart cities or agriculture 4.0 – the Internet of Things is a central building block in digitalization. But which technologies should be used? What about security? The IT and electronics world driven by the USA and China, many people immediately think of the numerous connected consumer gadgets when it … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Data Loss Prevention Software

Data loss prevention software (DLP) is far from the latest craze. Nevertheless, DLP continues to play an important role in protecting business-critical data. The term Data Loss Prevention (DLP) refers to a set of techniques that identify, control and protect information through in-depth content analysis, whether the information is stored, moving or processed. Nevertheless, the technology has … [Read more...]

How Blockchain Can be Used in Education

Blockchain has arrived in reality and many of us already know what it is for and what it is not. In this article, we will focus on application examples of Blockchain in education. As with every hype, there was a lot of euphoria in the beginning with blockchain. Because with Blockchain, transactions could be sent in a forgery-proof way and could no longer be manipulated afterwards, it was believed … [Read more...]

5 Pro-Tips to Choose the Perfect Resume Format

It is high time that job-seekers start paying attention to choosing a format that works best for their profile. Resume format sets the foundation of your resume building process, and if chosen carefully, it can dramatically enhance its value. Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Types of Resume Formats 3 Importance of a Resume Format 4 Which format is the best 5 How to format … [Read more...]

The Cornerstones of Efficient Business Computing

Stability, performance, manageability and security are the cornerstones of efficient business computing. These require some prerequisites which outdated hardware cannot provide. Despite the advent of tablets, smartphones and other new mobile devices, the PC remains the central tool for businesses. The employee PC is still the linchpin for creating, accessing and managing data. According to many of … [Read more...]

How Coronavirus affected the IT industry

Various estimations are saying that almost a third of IT companies are struggling with the consequences of the pandemic. The IT labour market is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the companies in very different ways. While six per cent of firms even consider their current economic situation to be very positive, just under two-fifths speak of a rather negative situation. Seven per cent are … [Read more...]

How innovative OCR helps students in their education careers

Most people think that optical character recognition is usually used for security and documents, but in reality, it is a false concept. This amazing technology is used in various fields, mainly to increase creativity and surprising ways. A popular application of this technology is in education, where it increases both time efficiency and productivity, helping students and teachers, for example, to … [Read more...]