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General Computing and Networking

There are many reasons to know the basic know-how around the topics on general computing and physics. This kind of articles are our oldest type of articles and our default category for many of the published articles till date with the name “Computer and Internet” or “Computing”.


Virtualization is the enabling technology behind Cloud Computing. Without the practical and theoritical knowledge of Virtualization, learning Cloud Computing is incomplete.

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Server Administration

This website has plenty of thoroughly checked GNU/Linux Server administration and server and web software installation guides intended for the beginner to the advanced users.

Web Development

As WordPress is our main targated niche, most of the guides around CSS, Javascript, MySQL are related to WordPress. However, one can easily use them for non-WordPress websites.

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Our Recently Published Articles

Big Data in Sports

Big Data is a very simplified concept that refers to an ensemble of data that cannot be stored in traditional databases because of their complexity, speed, and most of all, the volume of information. The amount of data known as big data needs other types of storage that are mostly organized in cloud services and other platforms of storage. A common mistake is thinking about Big Data as a generic … [Read more...]

FaaS Versus PaaS Deployment: What You Should Know

One of the big questions that you may have when considering a hosting provider is whether to use FaaS or PaaS. A good way to think about the difference is that FaaS is more appropriate for small, single-purpose applications that only need to run for a few hours or days at a time. When you're looking for larger and more complex applications, such as a long-term web service, PaaS might be the better … [Read more...]

What Is A Digital Media Consultancy?

Digital media consultancies are the bridge between marketing and digital media strategy. They work closely with your marketing team to produce engaging content, market the content, develop campaigns on social media, and help improve SEO for your website. Here is a list of what a digital media consultancy will do to help your business succeed!   What Is Digital Media … [Read more...]

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Changing The Way We Play Bingo

Bingo has been popular for decades, but with the rise of online gaming, it's game play is now changing. The article discusses how Artificial Intelligence can be used to make advertising and marketing more efficient, but also points out how AI could make a game like Bingo less fun if you're always receiving the same offers. Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 What is Artificial … [Read more...]

Why You Need A Big Data Consultant

In the age of information, it's important to have access to all of the data that can be used in your business. Some companies don't take the time to think about this and that's why they don't get as much success as they could. If you want your company to grow and be successful, then you'll need big data consulting services.   Understanding the data dilemma   Data is growing at an … [Read more...]

The Connection Between AI And Online Slots

The connection between artificial intelligence and online slots is not what you think it is or what many people fear. Artificial intelligence is mainly used to improve overall gaming experience and it does so in a variety of ways, such as by providing real-time information about odds and payouts, giving players an insight into the workings of a slot machine, analyzing different parameters to … [Read more...]

How To Choose Your Niche As An Instagram Influencer

If you desire to become a famous influencer on Instagram and earn a slice of the money that merchants pay influencers to promote brands online, you need to choose a niche. For some influencers, picking a niche comes naturally due to the presence of a compelling interest that defines them. For instance, people obsessed with beauty would naturally gravitate toward picking beauty as their … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Powerful Domain Name for Your New Venture

The 2020 pandemic crisis and following lockdowns were the last confirmation that a solid domain was critical to the success of any enterprise. And indeed, only firms with a strong presence online flourished. Knowing that the internet has become the most vital source of information in today's civilization, every founder must reserve a position in its database by launching a … [Read more...]

How To Leverage Big Data In Social Media

It’s not news that social media marketing has become a modern and essential part of every business's marketing strategy. Through the various social media platforms, firms can reach a wider audience and engage with them. Aside from this, they can also learn more about their audience and make effective content through the metrics features that these platforms provide. However, using social media … [Read more...]

The Technology Behind Online Slots and How They All Work

Tech has been a booming industry in the past few years. With more and more companies looking for ways to get ahead, the competition is stiff, and innovations are driving the game. One of the most popular sectors in this industry is gaming. Whether you're into video games, board games, or card games, it's easy to find something that appeals to your taste. However, with so many options out there, it … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Show Will Display Street Photographer’s Never-Before-Seen Work

The University of Edinburgh will host an exhibition of Robert Blomfield’s photography. Robert Blomfield: Student of Light brings a bulk of never-seen works of this photographer who’s been already compared to Cartier-Bresson. The exhibition will open between May 6 and October 1 and promises to be one of the main attractions during the Fringe Festival. Daryl Green curates the … [Read more...]