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General Computing and Networking

There are many reasons to know the basic know-how around the topics on general computing and physics. This kind of articles are our oldest type of articles and our default category for many of the published articles till date with the name “Computer and Internet” or “Computing”.


Virtualization is the enabling technology behind Cloud Computing. Without the practical and theoritical knowledge of Virtualization, learning Cloud Computing is incomplete.

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Server Administration

This website has plenty of thoroughly checked GNU/Linux Server administration and server and web software installation guides intended for the beginner to the advanced users.

Web Development

As WordPress is our main targated niche, most of the guides around CSS, Javascript, MySQL are related to WordPress. However, one can easily use them for non-WordPress websites.

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Our Recently Published Articles

Automatic Shooting Modes of a DSLR Camera

Each digital camera has a rotating dial on their top, which can be rotated to choose between different automatic shooting modes. Apart from that, the automatic automatic shooting mode selection can be done via menu. To explain more, in most of the DSLR cameras (or the advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses), the shutter modes can be completely automatic, or partially automatic or completely … [Read more...]

How to Access a Website That is Blocked on Your Computer

Often it happens that you tried to open a website and you failed to open the website. It is a boring situation since you know it started a pain. There are numerous reasons which can result in the non-loading of a particular website on your computer. You should check your internet connection speed and open common websites, such as ``, ``, `` to make sure that your … [Read more...]

7 Ways Big Data Is Making a Big Impact on the Manufacturing Sector

The first step to any problem-solving method is always the collection of data. “Big data” is a design principle that takes this idea to a new priority level. Big data is changing how manufacturers use their machines by providing them with a wealth of previously unheard-of information. There’s no limit to what a manufacturer can accomplish with access to detailed reports about each floor device’s … [Read more...]

6 Things You Should Know About Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)

DCaaS (Data Center-as-a-Service) is an under-rated service offering that can have an immense impact on the future of colocation hosting. A data centre refers to both the building and the premises in which the central computing technology of one or more companies or organizations is housed, as well as the organization itself, which takes care of these computers/servers. It is therefore of central … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Quality Assurance of Mobile Apps

Hardly anything is more annoying for app users than when an application does not work as intended. Anyone who has ever pressed around on the screen of their smartphone or tablet for what feels like an eternity without anything happening knows that there are no second chances. The applications usually end up in the app graveyard immediately. Quality assurance (QA) is the effort by a company to … [Read more...]

What Should We Know About Software Quality

In software engineering, software quality is an overall appreciation of software, based on many indicators. Completeness of functionality, correction and accuracy of results, reliability, fault tolerance, ease and flexibility of its use, simplicity, extensibility, compatibility and portability, ease of correction and transformation, performance, consistency and integrity of the information it … [Read more...]

6 Things to Know About AIaaS (AI-as-a-Service)

The cost and technical complexity to enter the market segment for delivering intelligent applications to the businesses are getting lower and lower because of AI-as-a-Service and AI-Platform-as-a-Service. Presently, almost all of the major cloud providers including Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Google offer cost-effective SaaS type development tools for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning is … [Read more...]

Which Programming Language is the Best for a Tech Student

You’ve heard about the importance of education. Most likely, you’ve been hearing it throughout your childhood. You should study to acquire the profession that will help you to land the job of your dream. Moreover, every ten to twenty years there was that specific profession that everybody wanted to acquire. Things do change with time, and we get more and more chances to be successful in our … [Read more...]

7 Things to Consider Before Going Serverless

Today, more and more of our data management systems are moving to the cloud. The cloud offers access from anywhere in the world, making it invaluable in the remote working world of the past two years. In the mindset of the cloud revolution, more and more businesses are making the switch to serverless computing. If you are dealing with that decision, many helpful services, such as Akka Serverless … [Read more...]

How to Migrate Name Servers with DNSSEC Record

You may need to migrate your DNS hosting from one provider to another DNS provider for different reasons and when you have activated DNSSEC Record, then the job is slightly difficult but potential downtime can be avoided if the steps are done correctly. DNSSEC Record is great since no party can run a man-in-the-middle exploit. As for real-life examples, we use Tucows/Hover as domain registrar … [Read more...]