Media Player With RCA TV Input as Arduino Display (JXD 661)


We are not breaking anything in this DIY work. Suddenly I found that I purchased a JXD 661 Media Play near a decade ago. At that time, it was quite decent at that price. Nokia N73 Music Edition replaced that stuff. I found that, it is basically easy to use it as display of Arduino. We talked about Arduino displays before and also how to use mobile phone's display as Arduino's display. We Can Use … [Read more...]

Nginx WordPress Installation Guide (All Steps)


We have lot of host specific guide published so far. This is a Full Nginx WordPress Installation Guide With All Steps, Including Some Optimization and Setup Which is Compatible With WordPress DOT ORG's Example Settings For Nginx. Commands are valid for Ubuntu, Debian and other deb GNU/Linux. It is Even Good For a Sysadmin or a New SSH User. Nginx-PHP5-FPM needs tweak, we supplied some tricks & a … [Read more...]

Arduino Sensor List to Create Kit at Budget


Our Basic Work is to Reduce the Cost of Buying to learn Electronics to the beginners. Actually, Arduino is not really the DIY Electronics we are used with. Some of the Sensors May be DIY Method, Some the Reader May Never Need. Ready to Buy Arduino Sensor Kit is Often too Costly, Individual Arduino Sensor May Be Selling at Discount. Here is a Arduino Sensor List.  Arduino Sensor List to … [Read more...]

VPSDime : 6GB RAM at $7 Per Month Cloud Server Review


VPSDime Provides Cloud Server Instance of 6GB RAM at $7 Per Month Cost. Here is Detailed VPSDime Review Plus Tips & Tricks For the Users. There is not much difference of their Cloud Servers when compared with Rackspace or HP Cloud. We used Rackspace for 4 years, HP Public Cloud for 1.3 years. We are really impressed with their quality and stability. We would rather tend to say, our typical … [Read more...]

Customize WordPress Inline Code

Customize WordPress Inline Code

Most of Technology Blogs use some Syntax Highlighter. In This Article the Methods to Customize WordPress Inline Code Shown With Needed the Snippets. We use Crayon WordPress Syntax Highlighter. That plugin actually supports inline code capturing with the fancy name of the feature - Inline Tags. There are options to Wrap Inline Tags, Capture code, Capture backquotes / backticks etceteras. Obviously … [Read more...]

Optimize PHP5-FPM Memory Usage

Optimize PHP5-FPM Memory Usage

We Have Described the Way to Calculate the Total RAM Usage by PH5-FPM to Prevent Eating Up Memory to OOM. Optimize PHP5-FPM Memory Usage. It is not always easy to calculate and often, a not properly set and monitored RAM usage can miss any attack including XMLRPC Attack. Eating up memory can drive you crazy and server can reboot out of memory. We never suggest to use swap on cloud server … [Read more...]

Persistence of vision in DIY Electronics

Persistence of vision in DIY Electronics

Persistence of vision is an optical illusion, which commonly happens if an illuminated object moves faster than 1/25 second to complete at least oneΒ expected path. Easiest example is rotating a bright LED in a circular way creates a virtual image of a circle.Β Persistence of vision in DIY Electronics is Used To Create Beautiful Animated Texts, 3D Objects, Basic Line Drawings, Clock With Simple … [Read more...]

Arduino LED Light Chaser : 10+ LED Code & Circuit


LED Light Chaser Mimics as Progressing Point of Light. Here is Arduino LED Light Chaser Guide For 10+ LED With Code, Circuit and Video Demo. We have another LED Light related Arduino guide - Christmas Light. We are assuming that the reader has basic Electronics components kit. We need some jumper wire, resisters, LED, Breadboard and obviously an Arduino board. Skill of wiring work is more … [Read more...]