Create a bootable Windows 7 DVD for OEM PCs not supplied with installation disk

Create iso from OEM installed Windows 7It is a known problem that, most of the PCs: either laptop or desktop those came with factory preinstalled OEM version of Microsoft Windows 7 , does not provide the setup disk. In case the installation gets corrupted, where practically there is no way other than to freshly install Windows 7 finds no solution. The unsatisfied customers curse Microsoft Windows 7 more than the system builder! The logic is simple, an average consumer thinks that it is the Microsoft Windows which has created the problem.

Anyway, I am providing you the only and first method of creating your own OEM bootable copy of Windows 7. Fun is that, I have changed the method from my initial approach so that, hackers, crackers cant not misuse it. This method can create a bootable Windows 7 DVD or pendrive for that particular machine (be it desktop or laptop) only.

I have checked it with three laptops, One from Sony, second one is from Compaq/HP and third from Lenovo. I had to do it thrice for the Lenovo laptop to create it properly: it seemed to me, there is some difference between Lenovo and all other OEM builders: otherwise it must work in all cases. Please follow each and every step.

It is advisable to create one bootable disk if you do not have one or somehow lost it before your system gets corrupted.

There is no valid point for retail copy users to use this method. You can download the trial version from Microsoft technet or MSDN and use your Genuine key to activate your copy.

Softwares and information you will need to proceed for this process:

1. Microsoft Windows 7 retail DVD or untouched ISO of any version (As I said before, you can signup to technet and download the trial. Please do not use pirated copy or so called cracked copy: It is illegal, dangerous as it may contain malwares) or simply can borrow a copy (only the retail installation DVD) from your friend.

2. Ultra ISO

3. OEM CERT for your PC’s Model (Microsoft signed OEM certificate for corresponding OEM-made computer with BIOS that supports SLA 2.0 and build with SLIC ACPI table from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Sony or other manufacturers.).

4. OEM Key for the brand and version you have installed.

Step 1

Backup your system.

Step 2

If you are using retail installation DVD; then you have to create ISO from it. In case you are using downloaded one, it is already an ISO. Open it with Ultra ISO.

In UltraISO  search resources the this file [ ei.cfg ] .Extract it and modify this to change the ID to the version you have installed or bought or installed  (for example: Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Ultimate etc). You will need the OEM key for the desired version. Now, modify the channel from Retail to OEM. Save and add it to your iso image.

Step 3

Create an OEM folder on resources of your ISO image:

$OEM%  >  $$/SYSTEM32  >  OEM  > [Your OEM-CERT Here]

Save the ISO image again.

Step 4

Burn the modified ISO to DVD.

Step 5

When you will format/install Windows 7, it will ask for the OEM key. Just enter it. Windows will check these in background (you can not see them)


Obviously it will pass.

Step 5 : Activation

Activate either over the internet or phone.

Download Genuine Advantage Validation tool and run it to test.


Note: Please do not try to be over smart. You can not activate Ultimate version if you have purchased say Home Premium. We have wrote the tutorial in the way, you can not do it.


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