Cloud Computing in 2013 : The Way In Front

Cloud Computing in 2013. What the major change that can be expected ? 2012 was the year for OpenStack. As it was an initiative started by NASA and The Rackspace Cloud and NASA has no commercial Cloud Computing Service, definitely the winner of 2012 from the point of progress towards a Free Software Mentality was reinforced by The Rackspace Cloud. OpenStack made Private Cloud Computing a free tarball that can be used on a Laptop. Other companies like Red Hat, had to move towards Open Source with the wave of Open Source Cloud Computing Software. Will Cloud Computing in 2013 remain in the same line or change its direction ?


Cloud Computing in 2013 : What Are In Progress


Amazon is also working on tools AWS increasingly, this is a sign that there is a demand for tools to give the companies to analyze their data. We are talking about a market which is almost unexplored till date, the opportunities are enormous. E-commerce is one of those areas that can benefit greatly from the growth of the big data and considering that selling online is a very hot trend, it is clear that this is another important clue for Cloud Computing in 2013.

Hadoop might revitalized in 2013, Cloudera has created an exceptional platform that is likely to be consolidate its market in the year to come. This is not a new platform, but the approach of Cloudera is essential, this tool capable of analyzing data in real time and easy to remove, which is the important step to make big data a global phenomenon, for all the companies related to industrial and commercial sectors. Even more of cloud computing, which is obviously very connected, we think the data analysis will be the real trend of 2013.

Services related to management of servers in the cloud will have the most significant growth in 2013; do not forget that cloud computing is only in its infancy and providers such as Amazon or Rackspace can not cover all the needs that is needed by the end customer. Rackspace already has sent future time-line for the needed changes to the managed Cloud Computing Service users.


Cloud Computing in 2013 : What Are In Progress


Cloud Computing in 2013


Forget the theories, hypothesis, prediction about Cloud Computing for few moment. Today, we guess, most are not in the mood to read very heavy weighed article or follow a difficult thing made easy guide. Let us give the opportunity to Wish a Very Successful and Happy New Year.

For a moment forget the difference between Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace, HP or any Company – whose employees are also human, and has a family and are taking the care of all the servers all over the World, inside hundreds of data-centers without enjoying any party. Let all of us, wish the best for them and thank for their hard work against the evil hackers.



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