Right Colors on MacBook's Display : Reloaded

Right Colors on MacBook’s Display is not really that easy as 1-2-3 to set due to various wide variety of applications and Standard. It is named as reloaded article as we wrote about ICC Color Profiles for Mac Displays – that is the first step to get the right colors on MacBook’s Display. There is a big reason behind why we have named it as Right Colors on MacBook’s Display not Right Colors on Mac Display.


Right Colors on MacBook’s Display : The Rotten Microsoft Windows


Windows only does limited color management. The sRGB itself a big problem as we practically need to create websites, Photoshop works, adjust Photographs on Mac or Windows which will be universally of same color – be it an Android device, a Mac or a Windows PC. You will get the whole thing what is actually behind the color theory and how to set the browser to show the ‘right colors on MacBook’s display’ here :



Unfortunately, for web design and Photoshop creations, actually you can not understand, which is the ‘right’ color, while creating them. They all are ‘virtual’, unlike a photograph. But, there are some standard colored elements (like call to action box’s yellow background) in the web, from which you can get an idea that what you are viewing is not the right.

Definitely the ideal way would have been – having an universal standard for the colors. There is an universal standard – ICC. But Microsoft and partially HP made it complicated with sRGB color profile. Now think – iOS devices, Android tablets might not show the ‘right’ color if you are not careful. Adobe probably got confused added all the options to choose – that is actually the best practical point for Adobe Photoshop.


Right Colors on MacBook’s Display : So Fix the way you see


First read that reference article and try to see the colors ‘rightly’. Right means, for web, you have to see in sRGB (that is the root problem) and create in sRGB. After following our previous guide, you will probably be able to see the right colors on MacBook’s display. You can try to check complex screen shot:
Right Colors on MacBook's Display

It has various shades of gray plus the basic colors. You need not to understand any complex sRGB and ICC, if you do not understand. Your work is to see Right Colors on MacBook’s Display. First, a big point is – Turn off the automatically adjust brightness option in your MacBook. This adjustment is actually makes the whole thing difficult as with a changing brightness, it becomes difficult to adjust any color. Second open this webpage (probably we got it from Macrumors) :



You should see this white square as ‘white’ with a comfortable brightness. This is the initial needed points if you want to calibrate. Now, look at this webpage – from top to bottom. The Lotus logo should look ‘normal’. Give importance to the green petal and blue petal. Now scroll down and look at my profile picture. My dress is red but it is not so bad that it looks odd. Now, go to the official website of WordPress – wordpress.org. WordPress has the exact color like Mac Windows – they should not appear with any tinge. Go to my plugin’s webpage :



Look at the star rating – the yellow should appear ‘normal’. If you can see all the colors properly, you are viewing the right colors on MacBook’s display. You can turn on the automatic brightness option, it does not matter now. The last point is about Photoshop – if you create a document with sRGB profile and save for web and mobile devices, it will give you an ‘universally accepted’ color.


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