Arduino : The Hardware and Boards

Arduino is a platform for prototype electronics free hardware development, it is designed with a micro-controller on single board supporting input / output. The aim of the Arduino project is to create tools that are affordable, low cost, flexible and easy to develop by the amateurs, especially those who could not manage the controllers, more sophisticated and more complicated tools. Startup Guide for Arduino is a good point understand about what basically can be done with Arduino and a basic guide for Controlling Motors, LED From Your Computer will clear the concept.


Arduino : The Hardware


Arduino board consists of a micro-controller – Atmel AVR 8 bits with additional components to facilitate programming and incorporation functions into other circuits. An important aspect is the standard, which is the way the connectors are exposed, allowing the CPU to be interconnected to other modules maing it expandable. The original Arduinos use megaAVR series of chips, especially the ATmega8, ATmega168, ATmega1280 and ATmega328, but many other processors clones were used by them.

The vast majority includes a linear regulator of 5 volts and a crystal oscillator of 16 MHz (with possible variants with a ceramic resonator), although some schemes such as LilyPad dispense a voltage regulator, having a specific form factor constraints. Besides being micro controller, the component is also pre-programmed with a bootloader that simplifies uploading of programs to the built in flash memory, compared to other devices that usually require a chip programmer outside. In other words, the manufacturer varies widely and thus it is very important for a starter to know the names of Arduino boards.


Arduino Boards


Audrino Hardware and Boards
Like we provide condition-less tutorials and guides, a guide of Rackspace Cloud, basically it can be badly exploited by putting links or selling something as bundled. That is widely in malpractice by Tut Plus network for various guides – after the tutorial – a link to buy a ready-made solution. Basically it is a pathetic marketing strategy. Newbies might fail on first effort and buy it, the chance to learn get lessened. In the same way, people has created Arduino Apple, Arduino Pear (names are fake) to sell crap products for one project as a bundle. This should be avoided to purchase for more cost and basic problems. Knowing about the Arduino Boards is important to get the right board at lesser price.



ModeloDescription and type of connection to the hostController
Serial ArduinoSerial DB9 programmingATmega8
Arduino ExtremeUSB for programmingATmega8
Arduino MiniMiniature version of the Arduino using surface mountATmega168
Arduino NanoSmaller version of the Arduino Mini, powered by USB and connected by surface mountingATmega168/328
LilyPad ArduinoMinimalist design for portable applications using surface mountATmega168
Arduino NGUSB for programmingATmega8
Arduino NG plusUSB for programmingATmega168
Arduino BTInterface with bluetooth for communicationATmega168
Arduino DiecimilaUSB InterfaceAtmega168
Arduino DIt is powered via USB / DC, with automatic alternationAtmega168
Arduino MegaSurface mountATmega1280
Arduino UnoUses Atmega8U2 driver for USB-Serial converter, instead of FTDIATmega328


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