Cleaning Digital Camera : Tools and Techniques

Cleaning Digital Camera is an important part of maintenance & taking good photo as digital camera is prone to attract dust inside them especially on the sensor. Canon has developed a system called Integrated Cleaning System that moves the sensor every time you turn on and turn off the Digital Camera and this serves to remove the dust that has accumulated on the sensor accidentally.
However, some digital SLR cameras do not have this cleaning system and basically cleaning is a need for any Digital Camera, for this purpose this guide on Cleaning Digital Camera is written.


Cleaning Digital Camera : Basics


You can just use a hand pump to get some air on the sensor and remove the dust. It  is very important not blow by mouth on the sensor because it is easy for a droplet of saliva to set there, and it is very important not to use aerosol air because they could make too much air pressure and can damage the sensor and also it could contain liquid ending up on the sensor to damage it. There are those who can clean the sensors with compressed air cans, but if you do be careful to use them. The sensor can also be cleaned with a soft brush that is sold in every store photographic equipment worthy of respect. The basic advice is to not use anything that is improvised or created by you. So avoid paint brushes, as they are soft or other ideas that you may come to mind. In other words – Do not Perform Cleaning Digital Camera in your own method.


Cleaning Digital Camera : How to Understand When to Clean


Cleaning Digital Camera

Dirt on the sensor can be seen especially when using a small aperture. If you are already using an aperture of 5.6 you should see the dirt, which is accentuated in very closed aperture such as f22. To check if the sensor is clean enough, go outdoors on a sunny day, set the camera to AV and set the aperture to f22 and  ISO to 400. In this way, pointing to the sky should have a time fast enough to not make the picture shaky. Take a photo of empty sky in a place where there is nothing but the sky and analyze the photo in your computer zooming to 100%. If necessary, you can also check this on the monitor of your camera zooming. So you can see if there are grains of dust or not.

If in the photos you see dust particles through the viewfinder and these grains are NOT included in the picture, it means that it was formed of the dust on the mirror or in the viewfinder of the camera.



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