Email Management is the Next Big Aspect of Cloud Computing

Email Management is the Next Big Aspect of Cloud Computing, a system that we are carrying for past 30 years, maybe their use has changed, has been intensified. As one person wrote many a decades ago – Technology changes but the basic pattern remains the same. Rackspace Cloud basically uses Free Softwares including Open Stack but uses Microsoft’s product for Email Management. The reason is nothing but, as the Email Management basically has remained the same old way Microsoft essentially delivered as Software as a Service when there was no Cloud Computing, it has been easier for Rackspace to use it. But the fact is – it is basically the old way of Email management.


Email Management is the Next Big Aspect of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing could change the way in which the services are supplied for e-mail. Gmail has actually canceled any limit in terms of space occupied by our Email, cloud computing could change things like ISP and IT companies providing e-mail services and the direction that we see is more and more in the way to use PaaS platforms and SaaS, abandoning the need to create a mail server.

In the field of webhosting, while services like SendGrid or MailGun have long decreed as API is fundamentally a better way to manage the e-mail as well as other web applications. For e-mail and for the systems which up to now has been delivered, makes no more sense to have your own dedicated server for email, as well as build complex infrastructures.

The companies providing cloud computing IaaS services are able to offer PaaS or SaaS where they can create their own email accounts, manage multiple domains and security policies and decide to also create reserved accounts with dedicated resources in terms of space and computation, but within a cloud computing environment. Example is Rackspace Cloud Sites package.


Email Management : Personal and Business Aspects


If we think today’s users, both the users of personal email and business, we are accustomed to leave all messages including attachments in our inbox, we also understand that it will become essential to have software to manage their email, to search for attachments or set security policies and use of different user groups. Google has made Google Apps, which actually started with free offer is one of the most powerful tools available for managing e-mail, this means that the market is more open to new competitors and in particular to companies.


Email Management is the Next Big Aspect of Cloud Computing


The current e-mail services do not allow existing Email management to be fully a managed service: those who use shared hosting almost always relies on the integrated management solutions such as Plesk or cPanel or external tools such as OpenXchange, which although functional, does not give the management freedom necessary for a medium or large company and above all are not able to guarantee scalability in the system. The absence of API and collaboration tools, in most of the offers email hosting webhosting market, do not allow these solutions to be adopted on a large scale, nor to be integrated into the information system.


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