Who Writes For ZDNet Like Websites and Why You Should Read Cautiously

Who Writes For ZDNet Like News Websites and Why You Should Read Cautiously and Must Not Give Any Importance Compared to Company and Established Single Authored Blogs. There are Few Millions of Websites, most are useless to read, mainly designed to make money either by inviting Ad Clicks or Selling Amazon Affiliate Products or usually in combination. It is important not to read everything that sounds great from title. Just like you do not read all the Newspaper, magazine to save money and time plus avoiding confusing news, you must avoid reading everything published on every website.


Who Writes For ZDNet, Gigacom Like News Websites ?


Usually they are professional writers and Copywriters. They have nothing to do with knowledge or academics. They get paid $5 – $15 per article. Some bigger News websites impose kind of SLA on the writers to not to write or publish fully separate articles elsewhere while other works as freelancers. Quality of article are usually pseudo-inflammatory or fully valueless.


The reason of the need of huge number of contents per day is to ping Google. The average number of Posts per day ranges from 6-20 posts. In the article, Cloud Block Storage With Free I/O From Rackspace Guide we openly compared few articles on footnote and pointed the finger towards a writer named Rachel King (ZDNet) and Barb Darrow (Gigacom). If you search a bit on Google, you will understand that, these are useless person. These Enterprise grade News websites usually show and highlight them as very valuable author. The names are just examples, there are few thousands like them all around the Internet.

Very rarely any company’s official person or standard author writes, mostly for backlinks. But it is rare event. Its quite obvious that, they know nothing and primarily writes for Money, what they will write. Ultimately the writings becomes a prototype article those are useless.


Who Writes For ZDNet Like Websites and Why You Should Read Cautiously


Rackspace once in official blog wrote that, if the real person from technology used to write tutorials, articles it would have been better. Actually a portion of well educated people writes, but as they do not have that much urge to make money from the blog, the number of published articles per day, money invested behind SEO are not serious. Actually they gets backward in search results.

Who Writes For ZDNet Like Websites

Yes, Google is quite aware about these things. That is why there is Authorship – who is writing. But it will take time to fully decrapify the search results all of a sudden. Usually a massive penalty and loss of traffic is usual after recent Google Search Algorithm updates.

With time they will be erased, but for now what you should read for the right content ? First, if it is a product or service, you will information on their official blog, like in case of Rackspace, OpenStack, Heroku – all has own blogs. Obviously an official article published by WordPress.org on their blog or by Rackspace is more dependable than a via distorted news.

Article and guide providing websites like ours usually have a separate niche that has not much competition plus most established good blogs never publishes News type articles as they has no value after a time, sometimes days to weeks. We gave an example of Ever Green content with TheSiteWizard.com before, blogs by Darren Rowse, Brian Gardener and many less known are good examples of standard websites.

Usually a thorough search with the query reveals the result in Google, you can look in Google Plus to find good Authors and find their blogs. Wikipedia is kind of dependable source of knowledge, DMOZ like standard web directories are good source of list of standard websites (but never perfect). Obviously it is important to find out the good ones to avoid confusing information and to save time and bandwidth.



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