Digital Photography : From Where a Newbie Should Start ?

Digital Photography is more complex than traditional photography as well as helpful in some cases. But from where one should exactly start Digital Photograph. It is a question that probably comes in any newbie’s mind, here is the clear cut answer to the question – How to start with Digital Photography as well as some basic tips.


For What you are interested in Digital Photography ?


Digital Photography means Photography in broader sense. We practically do not use a Film camera and even if we use, we scan them; that again somewhat becomes digital photography. The basic question to the answer seeking person is – Why you suddenly got interested in Digital Photography or Photography ? If you can not answer yourself to this question, then it is possibly a natural curiousness and the chance that you will learn more about Photography is fairly more.


If you became interested for these kind of reasons :


  • To impress someone
  • To take photo for a project or job
  • To get a kind of social fame
  • To show that you can easily afford costly gadgets

Invariably you will fail, nothing actually can make you a true photography enthusiast.

Digital Photography


Digital Photography : From Where a Newbie Should Start ?


The camera can be any camera to start with. It is better to use at least a Point and Shoot camera or rather which we call Compact Digital Camera. Second is to learn the primary minimum about Photography. Third point is the knowledge about art itself, which basically a human sense, varies from person to person and there is no way to make a person aware of the sense – if you love to wear a Fluorescent Green colored trouser with a Fluorescent orange T shirt with some print on it in glittering white paint ; it is frankly not possible to make that sense of Art within you.


The most important point is observing others photographs, the nature – where you will actually capture the beauty.


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