Create User Named Github Page : Easy Guide

Create User Named Github Page just from your browser. For a basic webpage for your own named Github page, practically few steps are required to create yours. Most are not aware that Github offers a free user named subdomain like for the users or for Organizations.


Why to Create User Named Github Page


It is probably difficult to answer exactly why you will want to create user named Github page. I personally think these are the important points :


  1. A free subdomain that starts with your real name and fully editable, it possibly makes Google Web Search to find you.
  2. You can list the number your organizations and repositories on that page.
  3. You can link to your other code hosting projects or your website.
  4. You can add your updates.
  5. If you do not use it for spamming purpose, it actually works as a guide about you.


Now let us move towards the step by step guide to create user named Github page of your own.


Create User Named Github Page : Steps


Obviously point towards Github and login. In most cases on Mac or Linux, we actually are not logged out if the browser cache is not cleared or may be this happens to me as I browse Github everyday like Facebook!

Already you possibly created repository from browser before. On the right hand top corner, there will be an icon to create a new repository. Click it and the naming part is important. For example, my default Github profile url is :



Please note that, like UNIX the letter case matters. AbhishekGhosh and abhishekghosh might be treated differently. Now after clicking the icon to create a new repo, name it like :



In complex and generalized example, the repository name should be :



You will be promoted to add at least 3 files. Add only the file by clicking the link on the default page that prompted you and copy paste something like the Text from GNU GPL 3.0 :



Click the Commit button on the webpage and your repository will be usable. At this point, if you go to the url like :



It might throw 404 error. Go to the Settings of that repository and you will see this button saying “Automatic Page Generator” :

Create User Named Github Page


You will land on an webpage where you will get the options to select the web design of the page from quite good number of templates. Click one by one to have a preview and click the Publish link (with green tick mark, at time of writing this was the design). You will get a good looking and fully working User Named Github Page. If you do not wish to touch command line, you can actually edit it from the repo, you will get something like this one :



The frontend will obviously a good looking webpage :



Official guide is written here if you want to clone it as local repo, modify it and push it to update :



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