HTML5, WordPress and Cloud : What We Learnt From Redesign

HTML5, WordPress and Cloud – with new redesign,not complete yet at the time of publishing this post we learnt important points with this old blog with 5K posts. No one was a noob with any aspect, the sign of being fatigued is present at the sidebars – the CSS is yet not rightly sized accommodate the Ads properly. Its left as its relatively easier to do. But the lesson is really big. In past 5 years, web designing really has changed a lot. There is a definite demand for at least one expert – its non more one webmaster’s job anymore, like the tradition was.


HTML5, WordPress and Cloud : Yes, We Are Using Almost ALL the Features


The home page is not added, lot of not added things, lot of to do-s in the list. If you are too new to HTML5, we recommend to read at least these articles for better understanding of the next paragraph :


  1. HTML5 : Vocabulary and Interfaces
  2. HTML5 Basics
  3. Base64 Encoding Schemes and Usage with HTML5 Simplified
  4. You can search anything about unknown things like about Cloud Computing or WordPress


Its without doubt that, managing a website, that is based on WordPress, database is few time hacked, running somehow in a sort of legacy mode, it was a challenge – HTML5, WordPress and Cloud were friends but complicated too much knowledge demanding friends.


HTML5, WordPress and Cloud : The Features First


Except database, there is no cache plugin, no CDN is used right now. That is giving us ~4 second page loading time. Its happening due to high end backend of Rackspace Cloud. But, unfortunately, high end sometimes hide flaws, we discovered them later. Because there is practically no limit to resource, you’ll never get any HTML error, you’ll only discover the issues while performing an upgrade.


The Font and Typography is the Main Feature


We are using @font-face feature from CSS3 which allows us to use custom typefaces on the web in an accessible, manipulable, and scalable way. We will be using Adobe Typekit, data icon, data URI etc. are used. Retina display is kept in mind. Here is a bigger snippet with Pre tag without any Syntax highlighter plugin :



Although, we can make it beautiful or rather colorful in WordPress Without Plugin as we described before here. You can test the responsiveness of the website using our responsive design testing tool.


HTML5, WordPress and Cloud : The Issues We Faced



All issues are not for the set HTML5, WordPress and Cloud – all are basically for old MySQL. Its impossible to pack-up so much bigger database even in piecemeal. The post were missing and this forced us to go for a long 2 hour temporary, unscheduled maintenance with plugin. So, we will advice, after crossing a certain number of posts (take it as 5K), think of a new subfolder installation of WordPress. Its weired idea, but it is better to follow the path of Tortoise than the Rabbit !
Well, the TinyMCE is not fixed even with fresh installation. Thats honestly not a big problem, because our issue was with XML site map generation ! By the way, always use Akismet – within 2 hours the number of comments is over 2K !

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