Standalone Copyright Notice Javascript For WordPress

Here is a Simple Standalone Copyright Notice Javascript For WordPress Which Works With SSL Websites and HSTS. No External Service Required. If you are using StudioPress Genesis, then you will need no Plugin to use it, if you are using other WordPress Theme which has no Option to Add Javascript at Header, then use Header and Footer Plugin.


Standalone Copyright Notice Javascript For WordPress : Basics


We have not invented it, who invented the basic script we do not know. Possibly someone modified the Tynt script to strip off the external service. Tynt does not work with HSTS. You need no huge working knowledge of Javascript. Simply, Edit the Javascript we are providing and add it in WordPress header via Header and Footer Plugin or StudioPress Genesis option page or you can use StudioPress Genesis’s Script option on Post Editing page. You can wrap with WordPress conditional stuffs. This is exactly like creating Dropcaps for WordPress.



Standalone Copyright Notice Javascript For WordPress : Basics


Here is the script :

Paste it on any plain text Editor. Save it as whatever name you want and add .js
You can wget it from this Gist :

You need to change the name Richard M. Stallman to your Name.

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