How to disable file indexing in Windows 7

What is more annoying when you open a folder containing many multimedia files, having to wait for the progress of a green bar in Windows Explorer before you can access your files in Windows 7.

If you do not use the search function, you can disable the file indexing. Windows 7 uses the index to perform very fast searches of common file on your computer, it is nice but sometimes has drawbacks like mentioned above. Here is how you can disable file indexing completely.

Click Start and then type Services:

How to disable file indexing in Windows 7

Click Services.

Services Windows will open. Search Windows Search and double click it:

How to disable file indexing in Windows 7-1

A Windows will open:

How to disable file indexing in Windows 7-2

In the window that opens, click on Stop and click OK.  Close all Windows.

Click Start again and then click Computer. Select and right click on the hard drive icon and click Properties :

How to disable file indexing in Windows 7-3

In the “General” tab uncheck “Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties” and click OK.

When you will click OK ; a Window will open, select “Apply changes to drive, subfolders and files”. Click OK to finish. Restart the computer to take effect.

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