Custom PayPal Button : How to Add in Easy Steps

Custom PayPal Button can be added in any post, page or widget in WordPress or any website. Here is a guide on how to add custom PayPal Button to get money. The main reason why it is better to avoid the default PayPal button is, people get used (or rather become blind) with the ‘normal’ appearance of PayPal Donate or Buy Now button. Using a Custom PayPal Button is fully legal and does not violate any rule of PayPal.


Things better to know before creating a Custom PayPal Button


If you are getting paid or getting donated on regular basis, it is better to have a PayPal Merchant’s account. It is good if you have a grasp on HTML and Java, if you do not have, you need not to worry, this guide to create a custom PayPal Button will effectively help you to create your own style of PayPal button.


Steps to create Custom PayPal Button


Quite obviously, we will need a PayPal account. Login to your account, click the products and services tab and scroll down to Website Payments Standard link under ‘the Ways to get paid’ column :

Custom PayPal Button - How to Add in Easy Steps

After clicking the link, you will arrive to this page :

Custom PayPal Button

The first step to create a Custom PayPal button is nothing but to proceed as usually to Create PayPal payment button. So, this step you already know, here is a sample real PayPal button :



This is fully normal looking PayPal button and if you click it, you will be directed to PayPal for payment. If you want to use a Custom PayPal Button simply click the ‘Customise button’ option and select the ‘Use your own button image’ radio button selection icon :


customize paypal button

You can notice the url field. Here is where you will copy paste your custom PayPal Button’s image. For example, the location of our custom PayPal Button is –

Simply copy paste your URL and then click ‘Create Button’ get the code for Custom PayPal Button. Now Copy the code of Custom PayPal button and paste it on you WordPress post / page in HTML mode or on Widget or any website. The Custom PayPal button in our case is looking like this :

This is it. This tutorial on how to create a Custom PayPal Button has been written on request. Please note that all Custom PayPal Button / normal button is/are functional so do not pay as we have nothing to sell!

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