Cloud Files Hosted Music Player of Your Own

Cloud Files Hosted Music Player of Your Own is very easy to create. Not even a single component needed to be hosted on non Cloud Files web space. Here is how. This Cloud Files Hosted Music Player will be created using Rackspace Cloud Files and jPlayer.


Cloud Files Hosted Music Player : The Needed Resources


jPlayer is an advanced Media player, it is open source, you can download the demo files from this URL :


Click to download that link to create Cloud Files Hosted Music Player of Your Own. The second important thing is a tutorial for Serving Full HTML Website From Rackspace Cloud Files CDN.


Cloud Files Hosted Music Player : Steps


Create a separate container on Cloud Files and Publish it as Public from Rackspace Cloud Control Panel. Inside the demo, suppose you wanted this player’s style :


Cloud Files Hosted Music Player of Your Own


This player’s name in the package as html page is – demo-02-media-solution-flash-html-bm.htm 

Another same kind but purple one is named – demo-02-media-solution-flash-html-pf.htm 

Now open the container in Cyber Duck and upload all the files inside the container. But rename that big named file to index.html


Again go to Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and set the header as described in the linked previous guide. That is it, here is our Cloud Files Hosted Music Player floating on Akamai’s sky :


As that big name is difficult to remember, you can use URL Shortener and it will be smaller url or use CNAME to change it to as if a subdomain. It takes around 1.5 seconds to load. Just fix the favicon issue by uploading a favicon and editing the html file. The reason is here on webpage test :



Side by side, we uploaded on our full Cloud Platform from Rackspace, but without CDN :



The webpage test will show almost same speed at US :



But the underlying technology are different. Cloud Files will cost around $2 per month, but second option will cost few hundreds to thousands per month. Enjoy your Cloud Files Hosted Music Player.





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