Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 with Google's Services

Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 emphasizes on how the Google’s Various Free and Paid Services can be properly used to make your monetization smooth. Actually Google does offer a huge services, some are free or has a freemium model, but most are unknown to a new to Internet Marketing Plan. This article on Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 with Google’s Services will help from a starter to an existing user who trying hard for monetization from the blog and fighting with 10 cent CPC.


Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 : The common Part for Pure Business and Content Publishers


The first thing basically starts with Web Hosting, Web Designing, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. It is very important to understand the point – if you can learn yourself and establish a website yourself; it will not only reduce your budget but also, these SEO like peoples will unable to fool you. Most of these service providers actually has quite pathetic academic background. If you can grasp the things yourself, you can easily catch a cheater easily and kick it out. Google actually recommend this model for starting. Apart from normally used Analytics, Webmaster tools; You can read our publication of List of Free and Paid Cloud Apps from Google.

We have hundreds of SEO Tips, Google related tips; which will definitely work. Now, it is very very important to give importance in optimizing Name in Google Search. We are avoid many many published articles to list. Best way to read the huge resource of this website is click the sitemap link at footer, you will get a list of 3000+ articles, guides etc. (the number is at the time of publication of this writing).


Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 : Pure Business


Pure Business means, you have to clear do two important things – one is taking the advantage of Google merchant Center and second is registering your business at Google Maps. If possible, create a country specific domain and optimize it targeting for your country. You can use a subdomain or sub folder for this purpose as well with compromise.
The obvious thing is using AdWords. If you are fully new, invest little at the beginning. Read the official articles and gradually you will understand to optimize yourself. I do not recommended to use a third party to manage AdWords. There is a big risk of knowing (and selling) the keywords and sinking your ship. The World is not really sticking to a honest policy, the moral values in business is declining for reasons.


Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 : Commercial Blog

Internet Marketing Plan For 2012-13 with Google's Services

Commercial blog means your earing is through the content – like this article, YouTube Videos, Android Apps, Books etc. ; that is via AdSense or anything like that. If it sits for you, Google Books for Authors and Publishers can be a parallel approach. 99% commercial website today earning thousands to millions per month, started from zero. Again there are lot of articles for you in this website which you never even thought of.

Only two extra suggestions : Never target to get a huge traffic, this becomes unmanageable and CPC badly declines. It is quite obvious that, to manage a bigger shop with whole city rushing needs investment for management. However, there is no way to control it precisely. Second is – increase your CPC, how that has been discussed before through various writings. Ultimately, if you get 100 clicks per day with $1.00 CPC, you are actually the winner over a website that has 100K pageviews per day with 10 cent CPC. You can actually increase the quality of server, web design as your traffic is relatively low. It takes 2 years plus for a good content blog to reach this position. When you will get 100K pageviews, obviously open direct product selling websites and use your Ads – if the conversion rate is only 3%; the net profit will be more than what AdSense can ever offer.


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