List of Free eBook Websites with GNU GPL or Copyleft License

List of Free eBook Websites with GNU GPL or Copyleft License lists many websites, you can download eBooks of various niche. Older books are mostly free. Along with this list of Free eBook Websites, we are providing a bit technical knowledge, legal knowledge on Free eBook.


List of Free eBook Websites : Technology, Legal Points and Others


Practically for bigger sized books and text books, a print version is always far superior if you think various practical aspects. You can print and bind some needed eBooks if you want, calculating the real advantage from monetary side.
These eBooks are Free, usually comes with GNU GPL or Copyleft License for various reasons, in many countries, after a long period the Copyright goes away – they becomes free. Nowadays authors are actually writing either Free eBook with no print version or print version is separately available in legit way but the print version is paid. Possibly the religious books are only books which are free both in print and as eBook. Award wining books, sometime distributes the free ebook version.

There are some specialized eBook readers like Amazon Kindle. There is practically no meaning of buying a separate hardware if you already own an Android Tablet or an iPad. We published Best PDF Reader Android Apps and e-book Readers Android Apps for this purpose.

AEH format is an XML-based proprietary format, Broadband eBooks (BBeB) is of Sony, .cbr (RAR); .cbz (ZIP); .cb7 (7z); .cbt (TAR); .cba (ACE) is Comic Book Archeive file format for better quality of the images, Compiled HTML or .chm is propietary format of Microsoft, DjVu is a format for storing scanned books, .epub or OEBPS format is an open standard for e-books, eReader or .pdb is a freeware program related format, FictionBook or .fb2 is a XML-based eBook format, APABI or .xeb / .ceb is a format devised by Founder Electronics, .ibooks format is created with the free iBooks by Apple Inc., .azw; .kf8 is format by Amazon. PDF (.pdf) is probably the most commonly used format for distribution of guides, whitepapers and eBooks too.


List of Free eBook Websites with GNU GPL or Copyleft License


List of Free eBook Websites with GNU GPL or Copyleft License
We are basically listing the websites in this List of Free eBook Websites which generally has Free eBook in English Language. There are lot of regional websites as well. Readers are requested to check the individual websites manually from list of Free eBook Websites, we have not added description as these websites might get bigger in future.

List of Free eBook Websites with GNU GPL or Copyleft License


– Guide for Free Google Books.


This the end of the List of Free eBook Websites from our side, definitely there are many other websites, if you know any good website, which is not included, please suggest through comment.



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