OpenStack, HP and Microsoft Private Cloud : The Complex Cloud

OpenStack is Open Source Cloud Computing Software, HP is among contributor. HP recently has published a paper dedicated to Microsoft private cloud architecture. HP right now uses OpenStac for Public Cloud. Private Cloud is basically the big target in Cloud market because of the high margin of profit. OpenStack (or DevStack) basically made Private Cloud to usable material for the medium, small business to a developer. Let us analyze what HP is saying through Microsoft Private Cloud.


OpenStack, HP and Microsoft Private Cloud : The Research Paper Part


HP has named the document titled as HP DBC Reference Architecture Technical overview. It is a 55 paged pdf and claim to have an architectural solution for database consolidation and provisioning as well as execution of database workload on Microsoft private cloud. HP claims it as reference.

This DBC Reference Architecture Technical overview provides a foundation material for building a virtualization based platform consisting of Microsoft Hyper-V. HP DBC Reference Architecture is build up on “HP Converged Infrastructure”, that includes HP BladeSystem architecture, HP Virtual Connect fabric FlexFabric and storage arrays (HP P2000 G3).

On HP BladeSystem, the DBC RA can be scaled, making some easy scalability when additional resources are required. Furthermore, as claimed the architecture of HP BladeSystem will reduce the environmental requirements through thermally enhanced energy consumption.

The 55 pages can not be written in 55 lines, but you probably have understood the basic thing – HP’s Hardware Plus Microsoft’s Software.


OpenStack, HP and Microsoft Private Cloud

OpenStack, HP and Microsoft Private Cloud : The Complex Cloud


HP has a domain that names – ; the relationship is basically nothing new. HP’s hardware means assembling third party hardwares on a frame, sometimes it is not a full box. If HP hammers the end of a twisted cable and give it a name, it becomes a technology. After acquiring Compaq (that is a separate big story), HP got a big advantage of huge number of patents that includes enterprise grade patents for server and higher level of Computing.

There is basically zero possibility to implement hardware vendor lock-in OpenStack. OpenStack on the other hand, basically needs not not think about any claim as a part of policy of Open Source.
HP was in Microsoft camp, as OpenStack became famous, they needed to have some grasp on OpenStack – market.


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