Price War in the cloud : The Actual War is Rackspace Versus Amazon

Price War in the cloud is in practical World is Rackspace Versus Amazon as infrastructure provider or rather Open Source versus closed source. We can forget about Microsoft, it is sick company with bizarre range of products. Apple is clearly not in the game. IBM could grasp the Cloud market, but they actually started with a two decade old two Wheller’s two stroke engine, HP, has forgotten about quality many years ago – even a newbie computer buyer complains – HP laptop’s keyboard sucks. Basically HP Cloud runs on OpenStack and pricing model is exactly copy pasted from Rackspace. VMWare, Red Hat are really far from the price war in the Cloud. Ultimately any active developer from any open source repository like GitHub or Source Force will tell you the story – it is easy to spin up a server in Rackspace, billing never becomes over the hours the developer kept the server on, there is existence of a thing that is usually made BPO based by Dell, HP – there is some support over chat even for the unmanaged servers. If you ever have needed to phone Dell for support and take that either from US or India. For US, you will get someone from India, academically from the last bench, you can forget about the pronunciation. For India, they will redirect to UK and someone from a county will take the call. Their limited number of spoon fed knowledge of computing is beyond any question. Yes, you are reading an article on Price War in the cloud. You can with this phrase – Price War in the cloud and you will get articles from CNET, Venture Beat, Read Write etc. Read them and honestly think – is there any content ? An article on Price War in the cloud, needs real experience, real guides on the same website for the complete neutral picture to offer the reader the full picture. What I concluded on the topic – Price War in the cloud, can be wrong; because I thought in my way, but I must keep the ways open for the reader to conclude one self. The brands we mentioned, we do have guide articles, videos on them.


Price War in the cloud : Consider the PaaS Dear !


In less than six months after the launch of Compute Engine, Google has cut the prices by 5% for its basic services, although the cloud service is still in preview mode. Amazon bringing their prices in line with those of Google for their services Elastic Compute Cloud and Azure. This is the usual way how the ‘traditional’ articles are written about Price War in the cloud. They never consider the fact that AppFog can use the infrastructure of Rackspace or there are hundreds of PaaS and SaaS which are actually using the infrastructure of Rackspace or Amazon. In the context of Price War in the cloud these becomes quite important. One can use 5 services related to hosting from 5 providers to run a website.


Price War in the cloud : Why the War is only between Rackspace and Amazon


Price War in the cloud



In March, Amazon lowered the prices first, Microsoft as per their copy-paste style, officially said, they were working before anyone and reduced pricing a few days later. The cost factor is really not the only important aspect to evaluate a cloud service, but unfortunately, in the race of pricing, it is a competitive disadvantage that one stands out more than the others in the eyes of the consumer for a low price tag, irrespective of the quality. Microsoft or Google can give Cloud Service almost at free of cost – their revenue is not really major from the Cloud.

Rackspace is primarily a Cloud Computing Company. Excellent support or full own setup – from hardware to open source software – is their own. They will definitely concentrate to increase the quality. Rackspace is actually not in the Price War in the cloud game actively – as an user I never knew when the pricing of Rackspace Cloud Files became half. I honestly have not seen any Ad on our website or of the others’. Amazon, to our knowledge, runs a kind of competition with non comparable services (if you consider the technology behind). That is actually to acquire that market. The real, long term Price War in the cloud is Rackspace Versus Amazon. Because frankly, both are infrastructure providers and their employees eat from the net profit. Eat sounds raw, but that is the real word – one can not eat without money and without net profit, there will be no money.

As mentioned above, the price should never be the parameter of choice for a good customer and often one of the most considered parameter is the agility of use and the ability of the service. The hyped phrase – Price War in the cloud is just fuss, with a definite target to fetch money in some way or the other, it is not about how the would be customer and now reader will experience. Forget these Rackspace Versus Amazon, if you need a service, read our guides and try yourself to check which is good. We are the end consumers – do not make yourself a tug of war manufactured by News type websites.

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