Autobracketing and Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB)

Autobracketing is referred to as a stepped change any of the parameters of a camera making the image brighter or lighter. AEB is commonly used Autobracketing. Autobracketing is a function in which a digital camera captures a sequence of images according to the set of values instead the need of manually readjusting the photographer. This autobracketing feature allows the user to capture images in a series (usually 2-5) with different settings, from the resulting sequence, the user can choose the best photo.


Basics of Autobracketing


Exposure of each image is changed usually at 1/3-2 EV, this varies according to the camera’s settings. This autobracketing feature is designed to acquire images of different exposures where the photographer is not sure of the correct exposure and wants to select the best shot later on computer during post processing. With film cameras it is not possible to check the image right after the shooting on the LCD screen as with a digital camera, we can check parameters such as the histogram . For digital cameras, often uses this feature to increase the dynamic range too.

Autobracketing is not synonymous with Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB). AEB is a type of Autobracketing. Different types are Exposure bracketing, White balance bracketing, Focus bracketing, Saturation bracketing etc.


Autobracketing and Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB)


Autobracketing and Automatic Exposure Bracketing AEB


So we are now shifting to the specific topic – Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB). Of all types of Exposure Bracketing is common and this is in use for a longer period. Exposure sequence varies according to the EV steps (typically about 1/3 to 2 degrees). One picture is taken with the exposure, then the others are underexposed and overexposed to set the EV step. Each picture is taken separately.

This function is primarily intended for situations where the photographer is not sure of exposure or is the scene at a greater dynamic range than the camera can capture – it used to capture the source images for composing HDR.


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