Cloud Server, Bandwidth, Storage and Network

Cloud Server, Bandwidth, Storage and Network ideally should be delivered as API based fully scalable separate services. These are important to choose provider. If a new Cloud Server or rather IaaS user gets in to a vendor locked product, it will appear to the user, Cloud Computing itself is a big disadvantage. The reader can take this article on Cloud Server, Bandwidth, Storage and Network as a tutorial to get started.


When You Will Need a Cloud Server ?


Most frequently asked question, it will be elaborated in next article, in this article in brief – when your consumption of resources on Free Platform as a Service exceeds the free quota. Today there are lot of Free PaaS options – Heroku Cloud, Red Hat Open Shift, App Fog and more. They uses the best infrastructure possible as their backend. They performs far better than your $3 / month traditional shared server. We have separate full guides, many guides on how to install WordPress or other web softwares on their infrastructure. When your earnings will able to carry the cost of a Cloud Server, immediately move. You will be graduating from PaaS to IaaS. This is the reason we hyperlinked the article to the vendor lock-in article in the second sentence of this article, if you select your PaaS wrongly, it will be painful to move to a Cloud Server, secondly, now if the selection of Cloud server is wrong, again your easiness to move will be decreased. This article on Cloud Server, Bandwidth, Storage and Network is actually starts from this point.


Cloud Server, Bandwidth, Storage and Network


There are factors that have given a significant boost to the evolution of cloud and its spread in recent years. Practical factors, fundamentally linked to the satisfaction of certain needs, particularly impressing for both the individuals and the companies : Increase in the pace and speed work; As soon as possible to follow the evolution of the real-time changes in the market to remain competitive, a feature that requires scalable and flexible structures; Need to share resources and internal information that must be integrated with data coming from the outside; Increasing attention to its core business. These points are already discussed individually in separate articles.

Cloud Server Bandwidth Storage and Network

We have often have seen in previous articles, that how to classify and list the many of the major potential benefits for an organization or individual to take the decision to migrate some or all services on a cloud infrastructure; eliminating or reducing own IT infrastructure management, resulting in increased focus on its core business, reducing hardware costs and licensing, upgrades, reducing the time of deployement, scalability and tailoring of the IT structure on the real needs in real time, relocation and access everywhere features, frequent updates, outsourcing the complexity and risk.

So today the practical solution for an effective yet cost effective cloud server instance is :

  • Two Cloud servers (minimum) for creating a scalable configuration. Definitely you can start with one.
  • Additional Bandwidth and Storage if extra needed have to be added as a pay as you go service.
  • Cloud Database itself reduces the headache of having traditional localhost configuration making it more scalable. You can actually allocate less RAM on main server as the database will never be used.
  • Memcache server and loadbalancers are for ideal setup, you can test with no loadbalancer for example to test your need.
  • A managed service level, if affordable for you adds the extra layer of security.


If you want to find all these points to get satisfied from an original IaaS provider, practically you will find only few companies. We do not have any recommendation, find the brands yourself.


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