How to Deliver Cloud to Your Customers as SaaS or PaaS

How to Deliver Cloud to Your Customers as SaaS or PaaS at a time when users are adapting for cloud, not only in the form of virtual servers but also as SaaS. SaaS and Paas as a whole; for the many small and large resellers is the time to plan a strategy to be able to offer these services. The present scenario of web hosting services require two major priorities, first is maintaining the affordable prices for the customers at a time when the economy is not at its best and second is, above all to offer the services and in a modern and easy way to manage, which do not involve any technical problems and subsequent costs. The motto of this article on How to Deliver Cloud to Your Customers as SaaS or PaaS, is to deliver some ideas for the application developers and advanced users to get a stable business that works.


How to Deliver Cloud to Your Customers as SaaS or PaaS : Seeking Partnerships


Partnership can play a big role to answer the question – How to Deliver Cloud to Your Customers as SaaS or PaaS, quite sharply. In 2013, it is quite wrong strategy to continue to manage valuable customers and important services such as email, on account of shared hosting or dedicated servers without any redundancy. These services often have a final cost greater than that which could lesser as an ad hoc solution, specific partnerships with hosting providers who have email hosting platforms can work with you in collaboration.

These solutions are difficult to manage and replicate, but they can make a significant advantage if sold with direct agreements. Much better for you to sell to individual SMEs from 10 employees as a complete solution for email, calendar and file management app, without having to invest time and budget to bring it directly on your dedicated server.

In general, the way forward will be to go and serve simple tools to use, so the SaaS is perfect range of services tailored to the needs of small business, from storage of documents, management in network, mail to websites. All of these tools require strong technical and infrastructure investment, but it can be cut down using whitelabelled retailers and especially making sure that the hosting provider gives us a strong partnership with discount and some features available exclusively.

Example of such project is App Fog, which is a PaaS, various Cloud based Freemium tools etc.


How to Deliver Cloud to Your Customers Beyond SaaS or PaaS


How to Deliver Cloud to Your Customers as SaaS or PaaS


Cloud Server is IaaS, you can basically serve it as remote desktop computer, for example, in the way we shown in the example of using Ubuntu desktop on Rackspace Server, definitely you need to modernize and optimize your project. This is just an example, there are many ways, like you can deliver WordPress as SaaS quite easily.


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