Internet Protocol Suite : Brief Details

Internet Protocol Suite is a family of about 500 network protocols, it is the basis for the communication network running over the Internet. However outside these, there are other transport protocols. This Internet Protocol Suite falls among very basic theoretical and practical knowledge about networking. Without knowing these basics, whatever development on software side is done by a person is valueless. There will flaw, bugs.


Internet Protocol Suite : Basic of the Basics



Just like anything, Internet Protocol Suite has not grown in one day. Around the year 1970, the process began with a study of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which is the Department of Defense of the United States under an authority (DoD), to develop protocols for data communication. This resulted in the DoD-layer model, in which the tasks were divided into four layers. This model is based on the IP protocol suite – Internet Protocol Suite.



Internet Protocol Suite : Brief Details


Internet Protocol Suite


You probably have heard of OSI Model. Communication in computer networks by network protocols are implemented in practice in functional spliced layers. For the Internet and the Internet protocol suite family or so-called TCP / IP reference model is used, which describes four successive layers. This is tailored to the Internet protocols that allow the exchange of data on the limits of local networks too. Again, neither the access to a transmission medium or the data transfer technique can be defined. Rather, the Internet protocols are responsible for data packets over multiple point-to-point connections (hops) to relay and on this basis to make connections between network devices with multiple hops.


OSI layerTCP / IP layerExample
Application (7)ApplicationsHTTP, UDS, FTP, SMTP, POP, Telnet, OPC UA
Presentation (6)
Session (5)
Transport (4)TransportTCP, UDP, SCTP
Network (3)InternetIP (IPv4, IPv6)
Data Link (2)Network AccessEthernet, Bus, Ring, FDDI, IPoAC
Physical (1)


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