Role of Depth of Field in Professional Grade Photography

Role of Depth of Field in Professional Grade Photography depends on various parameters like skill of the photographer,lens, image processor, situation, composition, Focal length, Distance of object, Size of the circle of confusion and therefore the format and size of print and obviously the f Number. Role of Depth of Field can be said simply in one sentence – depth of field is a parameter that makes the pictures look more professional to a novice or in front of an expert.


Role of Depth of Field and the Basic Theories


This article on Role of Depth of Field is actually a kind of Tips and Tricks. We recommend the beginners to read our previous article on Depth of Field in Digital Photography. There are readers in Photography who often knows more than the person who writes, the unique thing about Photography is, still they will read, its unlike core technology articles. This is the reason we often mention, this article is for the beginners, this is and advanced article on technical part and so on. Photography is basically an art itself, in art it is very difficult define the starting point. Still, everyone will agree on the fact that, the basic understanding for segregation of the photographer to starter, average, advanced; in this way can be done by ‘reading’ few photographs by that photographer. Sometimes composition misleads, other technical elements misleads, but presence of Depth of Field definitely points to carefully examine the image. Presence of Depth of Field in Digital Photography can be very smooth, only apparent to an expert, can blend to become bokeh or can be added by chance by the camera’s technology itself.


Role of Depth of Field in Professional Grade Photography


A sharp or blurred background determines the effect of the subject especially in close-ups and portraits. Hiding the background by blurring it, releases the subject from the photo and helps to stand out.

The best way to get some depth of field in your photo is to use a slight telephoto focal length as the lens and to select the smallest possible aperture, such as f2.0 or f3.5. The larger the focal length is chosen, the more enhanced effect can be achieved.

Role of Depth of Field


These values can not be set exactly in compact camera, one have to improvise a little. Zooming in a little more closer to the subject, making sure that the distance to the background is as large as possible, adds some depth of field. Scene modes for portraits and macro photography can enhance the effect, as they often contain similar settings.

But, an expert can immediate recognize the quality and skill of the photographer by noticing unwritten patterns of usage. Bokeh in Photography is somewhat a defined part of Depth of Field. Bokeh is not Depth of Field, but without Dof, Bokeh will not appear. Bokeh is an optical artistic component, which is quite impossible to exactly reproduce in post processing.


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