SaaS Checklist : The Big List

SaaS Checklist sound bizarre but it actually serves various useful purposes for the users, developers and those who want kind of monetization through SaaS. There are important articles needs to given attention because the way of publication of this website is to follow a typical hierarchy. It sometimes becomes a difficult point for the non subscribers. First is the article on Cloud Computing Service Models and Deployment, which is the base of idea on which this article on SaaS Checklist will be crafted. Second is the idea that Cloud Computing is More About Business Than Technology. If you are expecting a list with 1-2-3-4 points on this SaaS Checklist, you will be wrong, because that approach will mislead you.


SaaS Checklist : The Things You Basically Need To Know


Leasing of vehicles everyday helps to reduce costs. Companies those rent vehicle, instead of buying them, turning the fixed costs plus variable costs off and also can respond much more quickly to any needed changes. Much more efficient business processes on the web is software-as-a-Service or SaaS. The principle of this solution is very simple : companies and individuals access the program via Internet on the provider’s servers in the data center where they are installed, and applications can take the advantage of the turnkey without any pre-installed software on own computer. For the operation, only a Web browser and an Internet access is required. The monthly fees cover the cost of the IT infrastructure of the service, upgrades and new releases.


SaaS Checklist : The Flattened Checklist


On demand SaaS solution is not only cost effective, it can also be introduced in use more quickly. The modular design can be adapted relatively easily and can expand functions. A company or an individual might be in a modular construction system to select all the relevant products. This yields a system or an integrated solution. The provider also takes care of the maintenance, while the SaaS using companies can concentrate on their core business. Further investments in their own hardware and software, network or IT professional accounts are eliminated. It is thus clear that SaaS applications are worthwhile, especially for the small and medium businesses and individuals. The solution should also be flexible enough so that it can adapt to changing conditions and to the company’s growth.

Those who are using SaaS solutions must be aware of safety. Always ask the question: How safe and reliable is the data center, is the company’s data is on high performance computers etc. To determine that the data is there and kept absolutely secure, interested parties should check whether a stable operation of the data center is provided by the SaaS provider. Please search this website with your desired question regarding security and you will get some useful information.

SaaS Checklist



Other selection criteria are basic business continuity and disaster recovery, which also we have covered multiple times.

The success of an application depends and varies with the users. So to help with questions or problems, a SaaS vendors should have a good support. The customer should ideally include multiple contact methods – i.e. phone, email, live chat and more. The most reliable in support in Cloud Computing is The Rackspace Cloud. But they actually have few SaaS. Email service for example is a SaaS.

The last and final thing is related to cost control too. Check whether deploying a software on IaaS (or rather a Cloud Server) or a PaaS is more cost effective than using a proprietary SaaS solution.

As we started with giving the hope for monetization through SaaS, definitely, if you target the consumer segment; you do have good opportunity for monetization. Even, with the advent of solid coded Free Softwares, developing part is not needed. For example, you can host a CRM, modify and customize, offer it through a Freemium model. Targeting bigger segment is too much risky as there are already an over-saturation in the market plus, mid to high end users might opt for renowned brand or can simply install the software on their existing system. In this case, one department within the company is becoming the SaaS provider.


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