Self Portrait Ideas and Tips For Digital Photography

Self Portrait Ideas and Tips For Digital Photography can push your creativity to the next level, even with a mobile phone camera, but how you can make the flow ? When we are talking about Self Portrait Ideas and Tips For Digital Photography, definitely three things arrives at minimum – the first is Portrait Photography in the Era of Digital Photography, second is Candid Photography and third is the Composition of Digital Photography. The other points, those are the basics of the Optics of Digital Photography, like Exposure, Aperture must have to be kept in to consideration.


Self Portrait Ideas and Tips For Digital Photography : Why Self Portrait ?


Probably because you know yourself better, may be you do not have a model to practice, may be you do not have the person who know at which angle you will look better. Most importantly, you can be the most free with you than anyone with in this World. If you do mistake with your Self Portrait shots, be it technical or anything, you will yourself see it first. Digital Photography has made Self Portrait more easy. Even a good mobile phone camera can take a good Self Portrait, the catch point for any point and shoot or mobile phone camera is – you need to know the weak points of the camera’s very well. In general, the noise becomes very prominent in mobile phone camera which you can solve with illumination somewhat in the way we do in studio; a bigger DIY Light Box might be impossible for this purpose if you are not a small creature but you can actually use multiple umbrella’s and white light source for soft illumination, a post processing becomes mandatory (you can check our step by step guide for post processing a photograph taken by a mobile phone camera in Adobe Photoshop). This guide, Self Portrait Ideas and Tips For Digital Photography just shows you some flow of ideas for your next series of attempts.


Self Portrait Ideas and Tips For Digital Photography


Many takes Self Portrait that looks pretty identical to the others. Creative ideas must be present for a Self Portrait, making it closer to Candid. If you use Mirror for Self Portrait, do not forget to again reverse it by either using Mirroring feature on the camera (if available) or edit in later on computer as a part of Post Processing. You will probably not love to see you left sided things on right side – most misses it on Mirror shot Self Portrait photograph because I or you, can not see ourselves really. May be as we are fortunately a symmetrical thing except our parting line of hair. Probably none has one sided mustache.

Regarding the technical part of taking a Self Portrait, a tripod will allow you to keep the same frame on a series without tiring to hold the camera at a arm’s length. I am fatigued with seeing hundreds of left arm (actually it is right arm – not corrected) Self Portrait Photographs on deviantArt. Alternatives for a tripod can be to find a support – wall, table, dressing table, but you will have less choice in the positioning of your camera. Self Timer or Remote is an indispensable part of Self Portrait photography.


You can use the autofocus of your camera, but be sure that you are on a plain background. Another pitfall, is the focus on another object rather than you. Easy trick is to lock the focus at your eyes. We actually notice the eyes in most Self Portrait. The worst thing about human face is (unless you are a stage performer) is the chin’s position – in Self Portrait often the chin tilts a bit up (because you are trying to do a hard thing) making the face towards a bit fat.

If you are a male, on average all type of pose might work (either clean shave or do not shave for at least 3-4 days, in between might produce pathetic result), but if you are a female, there are some artistic rules those are applicable to Self Portrait. Female’s sketch can be drawn by few arcs. If an arc becomes triangle, it becomes odd looking – example is elevating the shoulder in most common poses.

Irina Vorotyntseva does lot of experiment with Self Portrait Photography. Here is one from her camera :

Self Portrait Ideas



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