Settings For Perfect Sound on MacBook Pro 15″ With Video

Settings For Perfect Sound on MacBook Pro 15″ – this time not only text and screenshots but with video and real time sound with one music which is well known. Beautifully crafted music can heal a diseased person while disturbing mechanical sound can make us diseased. Perfect settings for perfect sound on MacBook Pro 15″ depends on you and your setup, we have shown some basics for the starters.


Settings For Perfect Sound on MacBook Pro 15″ : The Basics You Should Know


The powerhouse of sound that is installed as hardware on your MacBook Pro 15″ is enough for the most user to bring the perfect settings for perfect sound on MacBook Pro 15″. The headphone and audio out port supports optical cable headphone, external amp to bring the best out of your MacBook. We suggest to use a THX certified audio unit for general listening or at least Apple EarPod which are separately sold in any Apple Store or Premium Reseller’s store. Never put any substandard plug in the audio ports. They looks as if nothing but there is complex technology inside the socket to adapt an optical cable.

Settings For Perfect Sound on MacBook Pro 15


You must read the previous article – Feel The Sound on MacBook Pro before playing the video.


Settings For Perfect Sound on MacBook Pro 15″ With Video : What We Have Used For the Sound Output


We have listed though external amp and pro grade THX certified unit, but you will hear the sound that is directly processed by the sound card of MacBook Pro 15″. We have no idea about the sound card of 13″. 15″ and 17″ are for the professionals and from various points it appears that both has equal quality sound card.

Unless you are seeking for a very high grade setup like for studio, you will never need anything more other than the headphone / earphone or the audio unit.

On the software side we have used Apple iTunes and Sony Sound Forge for Mac. We have deliberately avoided VLC player as it will require quite good skill to get the most of it. Both of these three softwares fully utilizes the hardware resource.


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