Software Defined Network : Basics

Software defined network (SDN) abstracts and decouples the network system at the crucial point of traffic management through control plane and the data plane. Software Defined Network or SDN is a relatively newer technology and claimed to be simpliflying the computer networking as well as potentiality to grow new applications including network. In s Software Defined Network, the control plane is separated from the data plane in a software application.


Basics of Software defined network (SDN)


Software Defined Network is itself a quite complex technology. Like Cloud Computing Service Models, Software Defined Network has deployment models like Symmetric and Asymmetric.

Unlike the suggestive name, in asymmetric model of Software Defined Network, global information is centralized. The approach of centralization creates the global consolidation easy to deploy. In case of Symmetric Software Defined Network the existing transparent bridging principles are encapsulated dynamically.

There are other models like Floodless and flood-based model, Host-based and Network-centric model etc.


Application of Software Defined Network (SDN)


Software Defined Network

The reason this article on Software Defined Network is relatively smaller than our usual articles is, the target audience of this website is not really are the networking experts. An consumer grade, advanced user at this time actually does not need to know about Software Defined Network more deeply. Basically Software Defined Network has quite good opportunities as the process of usage of Virtualization has been extended and being deployed via Cloud Computing in an exponential growth rate.

Storage Area Network has been expanded hugely and has great opportunity with the growth of Cloud block storage. The related technologies like Network Function Virtualization or NFV are from core theoretical aspects of networking. Many new concepts like Open Software-Defined Networking (SDN) are emerging and after a time Software Defined Network (SDN) will be quite important topic to know.


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